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Sasha Banks Might Have Revealed Her WWE Future On Twitter

Sasha Banks still hasn’t spoken about her future with WWE since walking out on Raw in May. She might have tipped her hand on social media, though.

The ongoing will they, won’t they saga between Sasha Banks and WWE might have just taken its final turn. The former women’s champion and tag team champion hasn’t been seen in a wrestling ring since May. Unhappy with creative for the creative for the May 16 episode of Monday Night Raw, Banks and her tag team partner, Naomi, walked out on the show.

It was unclear at that time if it was a work or a shoot, but on Friday Night SmackDown, Michael Cole buried the duo and announced that they’d been stripped of the tag team titles. At that point, the future of Banks and Naomi in WWE became murky, and updates have been few and far between. Neither wrestler has spoken publically about the falling out, and the company itself has been mum. Reports have indicated that Banks and Naomi are still listed internally on roster sheets and on’s active superstar homepage.


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It might seem minor, but Sasha Banks recently changed her Twitter handle and removed WWE from her name. While it had previously been @SashaBanksWWE, her handle is now her real name, @MercedesVarnado. It’s worth noting that her bio still lists “Sasha Banks-WWE” as a role she’d been known for, along with playing Koska Reeves in The Mandalorian.

This isn’t a case where all mentions of WWE have been scrubbed from social media. Banks frequently retweets things from stars such as John Cena and even recently shared a post from NXT standout Cora Jade. The timing of the change is a bit odd, however. It’s been more than four months since the Raw walkout, and Banks has been getting more involved in non-wrestling activities as time has gone on. Perhaps that’s why she felt the need to rebrand herself in the social media sphere.

Changing a Twitter handle doesn’t necessarily mean that Banks and WWE are done, but it could indicate a shift in the former superstar’s attitude. There’s also a possibility that Triple H would allow her to return to Raw or SmackDown while using her real name. That would be unprecedented, but there’ve been indications that The Game operates differently than Vince McMahon regarding how names are handled. It also could be as simple as a rebrand. Not all WWE wrestlers have the brand in their handles. Kevin Owens and Randy Orton are a few examples, but they still go by their in-ring names online, whereas Banks has seemingly moved away from that on Twitter.

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Source: @MercedesVarnado/Twitter

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