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Taylor Hale & Joseph Abdin Taking It ‘Slow’ After Big Brother 24

Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale and contestant Joseph Abdin recently broke their silence on their relationship following Taylor’s historic Big Brother victory. Fans watched for weeks as Taylor avoided eviction and ousted her enemies one by one. Unfortunately for Joseph, Taylor’s number one ally, a new twist in the game would be his downfall.

The seventh week of the season was a change of pace for Big Brother, as it saw half the house move to the backyard to allow two rounds of the game to play out in just one week. This split house twist would spell disaster for Joseph’s game when his former ally, Kyle, threw him under the bus. Many fans were upset by Joseph’s untimely eviction, especially since his best friend in the game, Taylor, was not even able to say goodbye. Once Joseph was out of the house, the other contestants from the outside group were able to convince Taylor that Joseph was not loyal to her, leading her to doubt the strong connection that they had in the house. Luckily, Joseph had a chance to address the lies to Taylor on the Big Brother 24 finale.


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Joseph and Taylor, or as fans call them, Jaylor, recently sat down with Us Weekly to explain what their relationship looks like now that the show is over. Joseph and Taylor had an undeniable chemistry in the Big Brother house, but for now they are “Going day by day and enjoying things, and getting a full picture, decompressing the whole situation,” according to Joseph. While fans may have been expecting Jaylor to make it official after the show, Taylor says, “We’re making sure we’re taking care of ourselves, but yeah, I’m not gonna let go of Joseph anytime soon.” Joseph agrees, adding, “We’re still kind of seeing how things played out and why they played out the way they did.”

Taylor And Joseph Became Very Close In The Big Brother House

Taylor’s 8-1 victory over runner-up Monte was a triumph for Big Brother, as it was the first time in history that the winner of the show also won the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest. While she came out on top, Taylor’s journey in the Big Brother 24 house was far from easy. When discussing the difficult path Taylor made to the end, she says “Joseph was willing to be a friend to someone that everyone was painting out to be the most disgusting villain.” Joseph reflects on their time, saying, “I was trying to let her know in some aspect, just please stay hopeful. Keep your hopes up.” Luckily, Taylor was able to do just that, as she made it all the way to $750,000 with a legendary final speech, which Joseph called “The nail in the coffin… I was like ‘This should be unanimous.‘”

Joseph and Taylor seem to have a very healthy approach to diving into their post Big Brother life. Joseph quips, “This time I won’t disappear to the yard,” as he acknowledges that Taylor had a more difficult journey on the show. While some fans hope they will see Jaylor go official, they should be comforted knowing that the duo is more than willing to compete together on The Amazing Race. Joseph even says the opportunity would be a “dream come true.” Ultimately, Joseph and Taylor seem quite happy taking things slow and enjoying their first week of freedom after a grueling summer. For now, Jaylor fans will just have to rejoice that the dynamic duo is reunited and seem happier than ever.

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Source: Us Weekly

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