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10 Quotes That Sum Up Megatron As A Character

Megatron has proven to be the most enduring villain in all Transformers media. Across comics, television shows, and movies, the character has waged war against the Autobots, with his behavior acting as a perfect mirror for the series’ iconic hero, Optimus Prime.

Although there have been many versions of Megatron to exist – including an upcoming iteration in Transformers: EarthSpark (voiced by Rory McCann) – the character’s values have rarely changed. Some interpretations might skew a bit more reckless or honorable than others, but the villain’s best quotes show that deep down, Megatron is among the most duplicitous and power-hungry figures in fictional media.


“Everything I Touch Is Food For My Hunger. My Hunger For Power!”

The Transformers – “More Than Meets The Eye: Part 2”

Uttered in Megatron’s first on-screen confrontation with Optimus Prime, the above quote serves as a perfect encapsulation of how Megatron started as a villain. Long before he and Optimus were established to be former friends, Megatron was a simple tyrant. There were no shades of gray to his character.

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Beyond the portrayal of Megatron as a stock villain, the quote from “More Than Meets The Eye: Part 2” also offers a glimpse into Megatron’s motivations. He’s a character who longs for control, something which would be carried forward for every reinterpretation of the Decepticon.

“You Still Fight For The Weak, That Is Why You Lose.”

Transformers (2007)

Optimus Prime and Megatron are two of the most famous foes in all fiction. They contrast each other so perfectly, with Optimus representing altruism and Megatron standing in for Randian selfishness.

While the two different philosophies can be gleaned from Optimus and Megatron’s iconic exchange in 2007’s Transformers, the quote also reveals Megatron’s opinion of the Autobot cause. He arrogantly believes they’re foolhardy to support what he deems to be inferior creatures (a fact which leads to his death).

“I Belong To Nobody!”

Transformers: The Movie

Megatron is a character who longs for control. He’s an authoritarian who believes his vision is right, and that all who oppose would do harm to Cybertron. It’s what makes him the one of the best Transformers’ antagonist.

Because of Megatron’s desires, he refuses to concede that any individual is superior to him. Sometimes this stems from his origin as an enslaved warrior, though, usually, his arrogance and desire for control simply come from his ego.

“I’ll Have You Dismantled For Scrap, Then I’ll Launch What’s Left Of You Straight Into The Sun.”

Transformers: Armada – “Metamorphosis”

Transformers: Armada is one of the more polarizing shows in the franchise. Its reinvention of characters, such as Starscream, is consistently praised by younger fans while the dub and animation are usually criticized for their subpar quality.

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Despite the show’s messy legacy, its depiction of Megatron is generally in line with other incarnations of the character (a fact which is evidenced in the above quote from the episode “Metamorphosis”). It is here that Megatron displays his penchant for violence. More importantly, the quote reveals how the character will not stand for failure and/or insubordination.

“It Seems I Have Once Again Been Cheated Of My Victory. But Beware… Vengeance Will Be Mine!”

Beast Wars: Transformers – “Master Blaster”

Although Beast Wars‘ Megatron is a descendant of the original Megatron and has yet to appear in a live action Transformers film, the character still shares many qualities as his namesake. He’s ruthless, cunning, and obsessed with power.

The most notable trait that Beast Wars‘ Megatron shares with his mainstream counterpart is persistence. As the above quote demonstrates, the character refuses to give up after every defeat, a fact which makes the villain oddly inspiring (and also that much more terrifying).

“Exterminating You Was So Gratifying The First Three Times.”

Transformers: Prime – “Armada”

Megatron has a complicated relationship with his second-in-command, Starscream. The latter is notoriously treacherous and always trying to usurp control of the Decepticons, yet Megatron usually keeps Starscream around because of his skills as a fighter and tactician.

Despite Megatron’s awareness of Starscream’s value, he still loathes his lieutenant (a fact which is evidenced by the selected quote from Transformers: Prime). He’s aware that he can’t kill the actual Starscream, but that doesn’t stop Megatron from indulging in a bit of sadism and physical abuse.

“It’s A Pity You Autobots Die So Easily, Or I Might Have A Sense Of Satisfaction Now.”

Transformers: The Movie

Although technically uttered by Galvatron (the reformatted version of Megatron), the remark he delivers to Hot Rod as he attempts to strangle the Autobot is one that perfectly sums up Megatron’s villainy. He has no qualms with killing and even takes joy in the act every now and again.

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Beyond the ruthlessness that is displayed in Galvatron’s comment, the quote also establishes the Decepticon leader’s arrogance. He sees Hot Rod as just another obstacle in his way, refusing to recognize the bot as a legitimate threat.

“You Have Persistence, Autobot. I hate Persistence.”

Transformers Animated – “TransWarped: Part 3”

From one of the best looking Transformers TV shows, the line that Megatron utters at Optimus is among the most intimidating from the character. It shows how little respect he has for his adversary, refusing to call him by his name, and also suggests that the Decepticon is set to put Optimus through a world of pain.

The most telling aspect of the quote can be found in the final three words. It shows that Megatron doesn’t like people getting in the way of his schemes and would rather not have to exert force to achieve his goals.

“At Last We Take Our Rightful Places, Optimus, As Gods, Wielding The Power Of The Cosmos.”

Transformers: Prime – “Alpha; Omega”

In one of several iconic fights between Optimus and Megatron, the latter makes one of the most grandiose remarks in the all Transformers media. He equates himself and Optimus to literal gods.

What the quote establishes for Megatron is his megalomania. He might be one of the most powerful Transformers in existence thanks to his physical strength and military might, but that does not make him a god – a fact Megatron should be aware of considering his interactions with Unicron.

“I Would Have Waited An Eternity For This. It’s Over, Prime.”

Transformers: The Movie

While much of Megatron’s villainy is a result of his desire for power, sometimes he’s driven by vengeance. Such is the case when Megatron attempts to kill Optimus in Transformers: The Movie.

Optimus Prime had beaten Megatron many times during the G1 cartoon, a fact which led to the latter’s hatred of the Autobot leader. So it is that when Optimus is wounded, Megatron reveals just how much he despises his opponent. The Great War may have started because of Megatron’s lust for power, but he kept it going because his anger for Optimus outweighed his desire to rule.

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