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Real Housewives Who Are From Different Cities But Share Traits

While there are plenty of different The Real Housewives installments and cities, fans always draw comparisons across the casts. There are many personalities featured throughout the seasons. Some have lasted many years while others have moved on. Regardless, the conversations and the drama always continue.

Housewives each have their friends on their seasons, but there are always conversations about who might gel with other housewives outside the confines of their own city. Of course, members of The Real Housewives family from far and wide do get together outside of filming. For example, Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is friends with Bethenny Frankel who used to be on The Real Housewives of New York City. Reddit user Pecannutty wondered, “Who are some of the clearest kindred spirits across The Real Housewives universe?”


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Those in charge of casting strive to present the franchise’s audiences with different personalities for each new city introduced. Sometimes fans, however, can’t help but draw comparisons and notice similarities between someone from one city and a housewife from another city. Naturally, plenty of discussions arise from this.

Camille Meyer And Sheree Whitfield

Pecannutty believes Camille from RHOBH and Sheree from The Real Housewives of Atlanta share a few things in common, first and foremost their strong entrances before a bit of a humbling trip back down to earth. The Redditor also believes some of their most iconic lines came from when each of them was at the height of an element of self-obsession. Sheree recently launched her clothing brand She By Sheree, and the social media commenter thinks it wouldn’t be completely unrealistic that Camille might release merch with her one-liners on it too.

Sutton Stracke And Ramona Singer

There are also certain things about Sutton from RHOBH and Ramona from RHONY that a few fans agree can be seen in the same light. Pecannutty believes they’re both “messy victims,” meaning they will break down and become emotional if they’re called out for their behavior. Plus, each of them has been known to say what’s on their mind. However, Redditor DagIN disagrees, saying, “You lost me at Sutton & Ramona. That’s a big fat NO.”

Kenya Moore And Tamra Judge

Kenya from RHOA and Tamra from The Real Housewives of Orange County also seem similar due to the fact that they each represented a turning point for their respective shows, and they both raised the bar. Viewers also recognize that Kenya and Tamra are both scene-stealers while rarely having to try to steal a scene. Plus their methods of arguing during confrontations always seem genuine and not prewritten.

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As much as those in charge of casting for The Real Housewives try to present viewers with different personalities and dynamics with each new show, fans will always find things to compare between the cities. In such a huge franchise, which has now expanded beyond the United States, there are bound to be women who fans feel a sense of familiarity toward. Online discussions always have viewers talking about who might get along with whom. Some of The Real Housewives are similar in their attitudes and ways of expression, while others share similar trajectories in their seasons.

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