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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Maggie Rhee

The Walking Dead will return for its final part of season 11 next month, concluding the original series. There are only a few long-running characters left in the series, including Maggie Rhee.

Maggie Rhee, originally Maggie Greene, started off as a young woman that wasn’t equipped to handle the apocalypse. However, throughout the seasons, she has not only become a strong, intelligent survivor but a true leader. As a fan-favorite character, there have been several memes created that sum up her character development throughout the series.


10/10 Not A Kid Anymore

When Maggie is first introduced in season two, she isn’t fully aware of the state of the world. Her father has been sheltering her from the dangers of the world. When the group shows up at the farm, he tries to keep her from interacting with the strangers.

However, this meme addresses the fact that his attempts are in vain. Though he sees her as a child, it becomes clear that her seemingly childish behavior is because she has begun a meaningful relationship with Glenn. The group does initially treat them like younger members of the group, but it doesn’t take long for others to accept their status and relationship.

9/10 Angry Maggie

Though Maggie is a fan-favorite due to her kind-hearted, supportive, and dedicated nature, she isn’t free of faults. She has a tendency to lose her temper when she’s afraid or upset.

This meme references the scene in which Glenn and her get attacked by a walker while they’re out on a run for Lori. However, Lori had asked Glenn to go, and it was up to him to accept or deny. Among her positive traits, Maggie does occasionally lash out in anger when she’s afraid for herself or someone she loves.

8/10 Stern Upbringing

After the farm is overrun by walkers, Hershel quickly learns how to survive the apocalypse. However, his influence on Maggie and Beth is still strong. He’s often seen scolding them or offering them some words of wisdom.

This meme references the way in which Hershel still father Maggie into adulthood. There’s no denying that Hershel is a good father and was a great example to the whole group. Hershel’s death certainly changed Maggie’s character, making her a little tougher. On the other hand, losing her father also further prepared her to survive the harsh realities of the world.

7/10 Losing Beth

After Maggie lost her father and the prison fell, she has little hope that her sister Beth was alive. When the group reunites, she learns that Beth was with Daryl for a time and that she could still be alive.

This meme represents this scenario in a comedic way but also addresses the fact that Maggie doesn’t speak about Beth or seem to consider her whereabouts until Daryl reveals she was alive after the prison. She later reveals that she simply didn’t believe her sister was alive, but this aspect of her character still doesn’t sit right with fans.

6/10 Captured

This meme addresses the moment in which the audience realizes Terminus is not what it seemed to be. Though Rick realizes this when his small group enters the community, it doesn’t save the others from their captivity.

Beth never ends up at Terminus, but this little detail is another clue among the others that survived are there, and one of them could have had Beth’s sweater with them. This event played a part in changing Maggie. While it’s not the first time she’s taken captive, the effort to find a sanctuary and ending up in a hostile environment severely affected her ability to trust others.

5/10 The Follower

Before Maggie became a leader on the show, she was also a dedicated follower of Rick’s leadership. This meme points out that whatever situation they found themselves in, they followed Rick’s lead instead of blindly respecting a stranger.

Later on, Maggie takes on this role as a leader of the Hilltop community, even before Rick’s departure. Though Maggie needs to resolve finding a new safe place for her group in the last part of the series, she is still seen as a strong leader. She’s grown to make her own choices as a leader, but she had some strong influences, like Rick.

4/10 The Burned Picture

After Maggie and Glenn are reunited following the fall of the prison, she burns the Polaroid he’d taken of her. As this meme points out, she does this because she doesn’t plan on them ever being apart again.

One strong aspect of Maggie’s character is her love for her husband. Much of what she fights for throughout the series has to do with having a safe, happy life with Glenn. This reminder of one of their most emotional moments is especially heartbreaking after his death. Though Maggie and Negan seem to be somewhat coming to terms with each other, her relationship with Glenn and his eventual death at Negan’s hands helped form her character.

3/10 Underestimated

Source: Reddit

Maggie has proven throughout her development in the series that she’s a very capable woman. Despite this, the audience continuously sees her underestimated by enemies.

This meme captures the episode in which her and Carol are held captive by a few of the Saviors. Though Rick and the others seem concerned with this, the second line in this meme represents what many fans were likely thinking at this time. Maggie may be saved a few times throughout the series, but she also saves herself as well as others.

2/10 Negan The Frenemy

Maggie and Negan make some great decisions in the 11th season, but they certainly didn’t start off as a fearsome duo. Maggie is infuriated when Negan is allowed to live, and years later, she still wants to see his head roll.

Negan proves to be a valuable member of the team once he’s released from his cell. However, Maggie continues to be hostile toward him. When he calls her out about wanting to kill him, she doesn’t deny the intent she has to end his life at some point. Their relationship has improved since, but thus far, Maggie has proven to be quite hostile towards the ex-villain.

1/10 Her Personality Comparison

Maggie has proven to be quite powerful as she had to survive the walkers and defend the people she loved. However, some fans think she’s quite weak compared to other characters.

While this meme proves some viewers find her more docile, it also suggests she’s friendlier than other fighters. She’s clearly a strong fighter, but being a leader isn’t just about being a fighter. Maggie may not be as fierce as others in the series, but she knows how to balance out her hostile behavior with wisdom and understanding.

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