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10 Quotes That Prove Harry & Hermione Had The Best Friendship

In February 2023, Hogwart’s Legacy will give fans a new insight into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and what Hogwarts was like in the late 1800s. There will be new challenges and friendships to explore, but none of which will surely come close to the bond between the original golden trio. Harry and Hermione, in particular, demonstrate a strong partnership, with the pair bonding over their shared experiences living with Muggles. These two firm friends have spoken fondly of one another during the fantasy series, demonstrating a great degree of compassion for each other during their most dangerous exploits.

Throughout these truly spellbinding movies, Harry and Hermione have delivered some of the best quotes, which display their deep kindness towards one another. These quotes neatly summarize the pair’s clear rapport, proving that Harry and Hermione hold the greatest friendship in the Wizarding World.


10/10 “You’re Brilliant. You’re Both Brilliant.”

Harry Potter, “The Half-Blood Prince”

The Half-Blood Prince ends on a particularly tragic note, as Dumbledore is killed by Severus Snape. Following the loss of Hogwarts’ headmaster, Harry takes his friends to his wise mentor’s office, where he compliments Ron and Hermione’s determination to help him find the Horcruxes.

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Harry’s line demonstrates his appreciation for Ron and Hermione’s eagerness to help vanquish the Dark Lord, as he describes the pair as “brilliant.” Hermione and Ron are always there to help Harry during his most difficult moments, ensuring that he does not have to face Voldemort alone.

9/10 “If Harry And Ron Hadn’t Found Me, I’d Probably Be Dead.”

Hermione Granger, “The Sorcerer’s Stone”

Considered one of Hogwarts’ best professors, Professor McGonagall is a stern presence throughout the Harry Potter saga. The Transfiguration teacher finds Hermione with Harry and Ron in the girl’s bathroom, where Hermione makes the brave decision to take the blame for their encounter with the mountain troll.

These selfless actions by Hermione show her dedication towards her friends, as she is prepared to take responsibility for their rule-breaking endeavors. Hermione greatly appreciates Harry and Ron’s efforts to rescue her from the fearless monster and rewards their heroism by placing her reputation as Hogwarts’ model student on the line.

8/10 “Are You Alright? You Must Be Freezing! Personally, I Think You Behaved Admirably.”

Hermione Granger, “Goblet Of Fire”

The Triwizard Tournament’s Second Task sees both Harry and Hermione play a major role in proceedings, with the champions tasked with rescuing Hermione, Gabrielle, Ron, and Cho Chang. Despite being submerged underwater by the merpeople, Hermione is more concerned about her friend than her own well-being, as she asks Harry if he is okay following the aquatic challenge.

Hermione’s words show her maternal instincts towards Harry, with the bright young witch worried that he “must be freezing” after his ordeal. Throughout their friendship, Hermione acts hugely supportive of Harry, believing in his abilities to overcome some of the Wizarding World’s most precarious situations.

7/10 “One Of My Best Friends Is Muggle-Born. She’s The Best In Our Year”

Harry Potter, “The Half-Blood Prince”

Harry’s new potions master during his sixth year, Professor Slughorn has done some of the worst things within the Wizarding World. Harry first meets Slughorn when Dumbledore enlists The Boy Who Lived’s help in hiring the retired teacher, and takes an offensive stance towards Slughorn’s prejudiced views on Muggle-born wizards.

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This powerful piece of dialogue from Harry sees him act defensive towards Slughorn’s earlier implication that Muggle-borns usually don’t make great wizards. Harry points out how Hermione is the “best in our year,” recognizing his best friend’s impressive accomplishments, in light of Slughorn’s remark that Lily was “good for a Muggle-born.”

6/10 “No One Blames You, Harry. The Dementors Aren’t Meant To Come On The Grounds”

Hermione Granger, “The Prisoner Of Azkaban”

Upon beginning his Hogwarts education, Quidditch fast becomes Harry’s favorite pastime, with the young lad finding much enjoyment in his chase for the Golden Snitch. The Prisoner Of The Azkaban features a particularly low point in Harry’s time as Gryffindor’s seeker, however, as he suffers a devastating fall from his broom, leaving Hermione to comfort him.

Hermione’s calm and gentle words help to console Harry in the aftermath of this unfortunate accident. Hermione understands that Harry would blame himself for losing Gryffindor the match, and strives to reassure him that it wasn’t his fault, showing herself to be a true friend.

5/10 “There Are More Important Things: Friendship And Bravery. And Harry, Just Be Careful”

Hermione Granger, “The Sorcerer’s Stone”

The Harry Potter movies have delivered many spectacular quotes that prove Harry to be the best wizard, and one individual who agrees with this statement is Hermione Granger. The clever Hogwarts pupil divulges her view on Harry while attempting to protect the Philosopher’s Stone from Professor Quirrell.

This profound piece of dialogue from Hermione showcases her trust in her friend, as she declares “there are more important things” than books. Hermione recognizes the strong qualities her best buddy possesses, such as “friendship and bravery,” which she believes to be the real mark of a good wizard.

4/10 “Lucky Hermione Pays Attention In Herbology”

Harry Potter, “The Sorcerer’s Stone”

The Third Floor provides many challenges for Harry, Ron, and Hermione during The Sorcerer’s Stone, as they take on several tasks designed by their teachers to protect the Philosopher’s Stone. An encounter with Devil’s Snare results in Harry showing her appreciation for Hermione, whose talents save them from their terrible predicament.

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Harry’s comments echo his admiration for his best friend, as he declares how himself and Ron are “lucky” for Hermione’s studious approach to her lessons. The Boy Who Lived is immensely grateful for his buddy’s vast knowledge, which he credits for their escape from the strong and formidable plant.

3/10 “If You’re Going To Kill Harry You’ll Have To Kill Us, Too!”

Hermione Granger, “The Prisoner Of Azkaban”

Throughout the Harry Potter saga, Hermione Granger has delivered some of the best quotes. Her strong presence is especially evident during The Prisoner Of Azkaban, as Harry, Ron, and Hermione come face-to-face with Sirius Black.

Upon meeting Sirius, Hermione acts protective of Harry, warning him that he will “have to kill us too” if he wants to murder their friend. Her steely declaration displays her loyalty towards The Boy Who Lived, as she is prepared to sacrifice her own life to keep him safe.

2/10 “Wish You Were Here, Hermione. We Need You. Now More Than Ever”

Harry Potter, “The Chamber Of Secrets”

The Chamber Of Secrets is one of Harry’s darkest adventures, as Ginny Weasley inadvertently opens the titular chamber under the influence of Tom Riddle. Harry’s second year at Hogwarts proves particularly unfortunate for Hermione, who ends up petrified by the Basilisk, leading to Harry lamenting her buddy’s temporary absence in his life.

This emotional quote from Harry sees him acknowledge the influence Hermione holds in his life, as he states how himself and Ron need her “now more than ever.” Harry deeply misses his friend while she is unconscious, and wishes she was there to help them protect Hogwarts, showing the major importance his best buddy holds in his Hogwarts education.

1/10 “I’m Scared For You. You Got By The Dragons Mostly On Nerve…”

Hermione Granger, “The Goblet Of Fire”

The Triwizard Tournament is a particularly dangerous affair, with its competitors tasked with competing in various deadly games. Following Harry’s encounter with the dragon, Hermione becomes concerned for her friend’s well-being, as the tournament’s second task approaches.

Hermione’s moving line represents her worries for her friend’s safety, as she confesses that she’s “scared” for him. The highly intelligent witch is afraid at the thought of losing her best buddy, especially considering his close encounter with the Hungarian Horntail dragon, demonstrating her deep compassion for her friend.

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