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Dragon Ball Super’s New Twist Eliminates The Series’ Chance to Evolve

This article contains SPOILERS for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87The twist that sees Frieza straight up murdering the Heeter Force’s two most pivotal characters might have been shocking, but it eliminates Dragon Ball Super‘s best chance to evolve, putting the formulaic manga in an even easier position to continue pandering to worn-out tropes.

Dragon Ball Super‘s recently concluded Granolah the Survivor arc revolved around Frieza even though he never appeared until the last chapter. Numerous characters mentioned the villain so many times for months that either Frieza was destined to show up in Dragon Ball Super’s current arc or it would naturally reintroduce him for the next. Dragon Ball Super clearly went with the former but obliterated everything these chapters established for the worst even though they brought back an iconic villain.


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When Frieza returns In Dragon Ball Super chapter 87 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, Goku and Vegeta’s current opponent Gas charges the new arrival, only for Frieza to effortlessly kill him with a single blow. Next on Frieza’s hit list is Elec, the Heeter Force’s leader. Frieza first reveals that he’s known of Elec’s treachery for decades and, when Elec tries to shut him up, Frieza then shuts him down by countering with a deadly blast that annihilates Elec in an instant.

Why Frieza’s Return Was Such a Bad Decision for Dragon Ball Super

Although these deaths reinforce Frieza’s dominance in a universe that had quickly diminished him as an actual threat, the longest-lasting implications of such a ridiculous move eliminate what could have been an unusual dynamic not seen in Dragon Ball predating DBZ. Essentially, Frieza’s army was likely going to take center stage since the Heeter Force included them in their diabolical plot to replace them as the most dominant power in the universe. Even though Frieza’s henchmen were once a terrifying force in the universe, most of them couldn’t even stand a chance against Goku’s weakest friends on Namek. Only Frieza’s Ginyu Force and his personal bodyguards Zarbon and Dodoria were really a threat. By the time Goku went Super Saiyan, DBZ had effectively rendered every army useless, a concept that was later reinforced when Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien, and Jaco the Patrolman defeated thousands of Frieza’s soldiers after his resurrection in Super. Elec’s conspiracy of replacing the Frieza Force, therefore, promised a new type of conflict in Dragon Ball that diverged from the predictable one-on-one battles. But now that Elec is gone, so is this threat. Worst of all, Frieza is overpowered once again, having achieved a Black transformation that even rivals Goku and Vegeta at their best. When Frieza went Golden long ago, his army was already irrelevant. And now their irrelevancy has reached new depths with Frieza Black. This is a shame not just because of what Elec’s plan promised but because of how the Dragon Ball Super: Broly film ended with Frieza triumphantly returning to his army.

Aside for potentially ruining a unique storyline, Elec and Gas’ deaths also sidestepped additional conflicts that would have added interesting dynamics to the now deceased Elec and Gas’ relationship. Earlier, Dragon Ball Super went out of its way to not show Elec wishing for Gas to become the strongest warrior in the universe, suggesting that Gas probably wasn’t aware the wish would cost him his life. Chapter 87 confirmed this when Gas learns the truth. Gas is obviously started, but before he can act, Frieza arrives, and everything is forgotten, completely ignoring something that Dragon Ball Super had been building towards since last year. Not only did Dragon Ball Super ruin a return-to-basics approach that could have redefined the series, but completely sabotaged its own climax.

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