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How To Earn Coins Quickly In Potion Permit

Apart from potion ingredients, coins are perhaps the most valuable resource players can get in Potion Permit, with everything from tool upgrades to stamina-boosting food items requiring players to hand over some of their hard-earned cash. Early on in the game, players arriving in the isolated town of Moonbury will find themselves taking over a small, run-down shack from which they can peddle their potions and heal the townspeople’s many ailments. Unfortunately, while the townspeople of Moonbury are good, honest folk with whom players can build friendships, they won’t help players to get the things they need solely out of the goodness of their hearts. Players will need to have coins to exchange for goods and services, and while Potion Permit’s early-game grind has proven contentious among players, there are a few ways to earn lots of coins quickly.


In Potion Permit, players step into the shoes of an aspiring chemist who journeys to the isolated town of Moonbury at the behest of the town’s mayor, whose daughter has fallen ill. Moonbury’s inhabitants are wary of outsiders and chemists, in particular. Due to a previous incident that badly damaged local ecosystems, players will be tasked with rebuilding the town’s old clinic. However, by using their potion-brewing skills and medical knowledge, players can gradually earn the townsfolk’s trust and restore the broken ties between Moonbury and the Medical Association.

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Thanks to the smash hit success of Stardew Valley, the indie life sim scene is thriving, with highly anticipated sim games such as the Spirited Away-themed bathhouse sim Spirittea making waves in the mainstream gaming scene. Potion Permit offers its own twist on the formula by having players run a clinic, as opposed to getting them to pick up some rusty old farming equipment. However, some things don’t change, and players will still need a lot of coins to keep progressing forward.

Earning Coins Quickly In Potion Permit

Players will earn some coins from curing patients using potions, but in the early game, in particular, this might not be enough for players to maintain a steady income. Luckily, Moonbury has several part-time job opportunities available. Although Potion Permit is one of several games with a cozy vibe, players can do plenty during the day. This includes packing parcels at the town hall post office, sorting ink bottles at the police station, and grinding grapes at the local church through short mini-games. Completing each part-time job takes two in-game hours and rewards players with 125 Coins: a useful stopgap if players suddenly find themselves just short of what they need. Players can also check the town hall’s Community Board every Monday for new weekly requests challenging players to harvest resources, which can then be exchanged for coins and food items.

However, selling potions is the best way to earn coins quickly in Potion Permit. After playing for a bit, Collin and Myer will repair the Post Drop Box outside players’ houses. The box has six slots that players can use to sell any potions they’ve brewed. Players will likely already be collecting lots of unique potion ingredients, so they should have some to spare to brew some extra potions. Even with the starting box, players can earn up to 900 coins daily by selling the highest value starting potions.

Players should be careful not to use up all their resources brewing potions specifically to sell, but this is by far the best way to earn coins quickly in Potion Permit. The Post Drop Box hustle even scales into the late game; by upgrading the box with more slots, players can earn thousands of coins just from selling their potions.

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