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The Commonwealth’s B14 Plan Makes Them As Bad As Walking Dead’s CRM

The Commonwealth’s B14 plan is Pamela Milton’s most sinister tactic yet, bringing her closer to the CRM on The Walking Dead‘s hierarchy of bad guys. The Walking Dead season 11, episode 17 (“Lockdown”) finds the Commonwealth precariously balanced on the precipice of chaos, as citizens revolt in response to Connie’s exposé on Sebastian Milton’s murderous side-hustle. The riots are interrupted by a rather conveniently-timed undead horde drawing near to the Commonwealth’s border, forcing Pamela to impose a lockdown in the name of public safety.


Weirdly, the Commonwealth comes under attack straight after Pamela Milton gives a mysterious order. Barely reaching the safety of her vehicle after escaping the angry anti-Milton mob, Pamela reaches for a radio and commands, “B14. Do it right away.” Given that the zombies show up immediately after and no other consequence comes of the “B14” order, The Walking Dead viewers can only assume Pamela has a method of secretly drawing zombies toward her own community – a trick she pulls whenever a good distraction from domestic issues is required.

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This tactic makes The Walking Dead‘s Commonwealth almost as bad as franchise arch-villains the CRM. As seen in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the Civic Republic Military has a method of drawing zombie hordes together and directing them toward specific targets using sonic charges – just like Pamela Milton’s B14 plan seemingly does in The Walking Dead season 11. The sinister practice of turning the dead into a weapon against the living on such a massive scale proves how narrow the moral gap between the Commonwealth and CRM truly is. Of course, the CRM uses zombies hordes to cover up their genocidal attacks upon other communities, whereas Pamela Milton is “only” using the undead as a political distraction. Bear in mind, however, that Milton is also putting the Commonwealth’s 50,000 people in mortal danger just to protect her position of privilege, with no guarantee the hungry corpses won’t breach their walls.

B14 Explains An Existing Walking Dead Mystery

In The Walking Dead season 11’s “Rogue Element,” Connie accompanied Mercer and his troops on a mission beyond Commonwealth borders, slaying zombies that were drawing too close. The very same episode featured a newspaper headline reading “TASK FORCE HOLDS THE LINE – SECOND WAVE EXPECTED.” As in “Lockdown,” this unexplained undead incursion came at a very convenient time for Pamela Milton, with awkward questions being asked about the Tyler Davis masquerade ball incident.

Zombie hordes are part and parcel of The Walking Dead‘s post-apocalyptic landscape, and even the biggest communities must occasionally deal with oncoming dead. But it’s highly suspicious that the Commonwealth can predict oncoming hordes like rain forecasts – especially after the B14 command given in “Lockdown.” Pamela Milton must’ve given order B-14 to keep citizens from questioning the actions of Tyler Davis and quell the bubbling rebellion earlier in The Walking Dead season 11, hence Mercer being sent out to handle zombies the very next episode. The newspaper’s prediction of a “second wave” (since we know Pamela controls all headlines in the Commonwealth) was likely designed to keep citizens’ minds on their own safety rather than the damning accusations Tyler spouted.

The Commonwealth’s people are already understandably irked by the entitled Sebastian Milton sending poor citizens to their deaths and making them disappear. Should Pamela drawing zombie hordes toward her own community become public knowledge, the Commonwealth might quickly tip toward a full-scale revolution in The Walking Dead season 11.

The Walking Dead continues Sunday on AMC.

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