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New Sony PS5 models expected to arrive in India soon: Check details

Sony recently started rolling out the revamped version of its PlayStation 5 gaming console in some countries across the globe. However, initially, the revamped PS5 gaming console was available only in Australia. But now, reports suggest that Sony may soon bring the upgraded gaming console to India. Also Read – Sony LinkBuds: Designed for eyes as much as ears

As per a tipster, who goes by ‘PS5 India’, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has approved two new PS5 models with model number — PS5 CFI-1208A and CFI-1208B. The updated PS5 model numbers hail from the revamped CFI-1200 series and they are expected to arrive in India in the upcoming weeks as a part of a PS5 restock. Also Read – Sony Inzone H3, Inzone H7, and Inzone H9 price in India revealed

As pointed out by the tipster, these new PS5 models, draw around 17 watts less power than original PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition gaming consoles. They are also lighter by hundreds of grams. “Its internals are different, including a heatpipe, a different fan architecture,” the tipster wrote in a thread on Twitter. Also Read – Sony State of Play: Digital collectibles, new games and more announced

As far as availability is concerned, the tipster believes that the new PS5 gaming console will be available in India next month.

What’s different in new Sony PS5 gaming console?

A separate report by Notebook Check citing a teardown of the new PS5 gaming console by YouTube Austin Evans shows that the new PS5 gaming console weighs just 3.302 Kgs. On the other hand, the original PS5 gaming console weighs 3.817 kg, which makes the newer PS5 gaming console significantly lighter than the original version.

The report also shows that the original PS5 gaming console draws 218W power while the updated model draws just 201W of power. Additionally, the report shows that the new PS5 model also makes less noise compared to the old model. While the original PlayStation 5 gaming console’s noise level stood at 8dB, newer PS5 model’s noise level stands at 45dB. The maximum temperature reached for both the PlayStation 5 gaming console models stands at 53 degrees.

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