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Raven’s 10 Best Quotes, Ranked

Teen Titans Go! made headlines because of its most recent episode featuring Zack Snyder. The show is a stand-alone spin-off of 2003’s Teen Titans, which became a surprise hit back in the day thanks to its elegant animation, exciting action sequences, and sense of genuine camaraderie among its now-iconic characters.

The show also received its laurels thanks to its portrayal of the character of Raven. One of DC’s most powerful yet underrated figures, Raven became Teen Titans‘ breakout character thanks to her stoic personality and blunt approach, perfectly encapsulated in these unforgettable quotes.


10/10 “A Magician Never Reveals Her Secrets.”

Season 3, Episode 11, “Bunny Raven… Or… How To Make A Titananimal Disappear”

Raven’s powers are complicated to describe. The show never quite addresses the true nature or extent of her abilities but clarifies that her might is considerable and potentially catastrophic. Still, the easiest way to describe Raven’s powers would be to call them sorcery.

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Despite not being known for her humor, Raven often made the occasional joke. The episode “Bunny Raven” sees the team fighting against Mumbo’s magic, allowing Raven’s mystical gifts to shine. At the end of the episode, she offers a lighthearted quip about her powers, taking a tongue-in-cheek approach. It’s a funny way to address her abilities and a welcome change of pace for the overly serious character.

9/10 “People Come, People Go. It’s Pointless To Be Upset.”

Season 1, Episode 3, “Divide And Conquer”

Detachment is a huge part of Raven’s characterization. She never allows herself to become too close to others, mainly because feeling affection might cause her to lose her tight grip over her emotions. However, the Titans make their way into her heart throughout the show, ultimately helping her become a better person and hero.

However, she still had her defenses up during the show’s early days. When Cyborg quits the team in the first season episode “Divide and Conquer,” Raven explains how it’s pointless to grow overly attached to people, considering they will always leave. Cool detachment is the perfect way to summarize her personality in the early seasons, although she eventually changes her tune.

8/10 “Having That Thing Inside Doesn’t Make You An Animal…”

Season 3, Episode 9, “The Beast Within”

“…Knowing when to let it out is what makes you a man.” Raven and Beast Boy have a great relationship in Teen Titans. It never veers into romantic territory but offers sufficient hints that it might eventually get there, turning it into one of the show’s best ships.

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What makes Raven and Beast Boy’s dynamic so fascinating is how starkly different their personalities are. The episode “The Beast Within” shows a more feral side to Beast Boy, a character most famous for his childlike behavior. However, Raven — the ultimate empath — sympathizes with his dilemma and offers some sage advice. It’s a touching moment between two friends and a rare occasion when they find common ground, offering fans a new side to their already fascinating relationship.

7/10 “Let’s Just Say I Have Some Issues With My Father.”

Season 1, Episode 6, “Nevermore”

Trigon is arguably the best villain in Teen Titans. Slade might be the coolest and most enduring, but Trigon is the most powerful and dangerous. His shadow looms large throughout the show’s first seasons, acting like a lingering threat to Raven’s stability.

His first appearance lets fans know he is a danger to Raven’s psyche, showing him torturing her from within and complicating her existence. Trigon’s relationship with Raven is complex and fascinating, and the show does a brilliant job portraying it across its first four seasons.

6/10 “My Emotions Are Dangerous. I Can’t Afford To Feel Anything.”

Season 1, Episode 6, “Switched”

Raven is arguably the most powerful member of the Teen Titans. Her abilities are considerable and potentially destructive, making her a valuable ally but an unexpected and uncontrollable threat. Raven’s powers depend on her emotions, explaining why she spends most days with a stoic demeanor.

The episode “Switched,” which sees her changing bodies with the overly cheery Starfire, shows how hard she has it and how unfair her situation is. She must force herself to remain unfeeling and act uncaring, suppressing her natural emotions for the sake of those around her. In many ways, Raven is the most selfless of the Teen Titans, sacrificing her comfort for the greater good.

5/10 “In The End, There Really Is No End. Just New Beginnings.”

Season 4, Episode 13, “The End, Part 3”

The three-part event “The End” is among the best episodes of Teen Titans. It involves the final stand between Raven, the Titans, and the demon Trigon, in a battle for the planet’s fate and Raven’s soul.

The battle is exciting, and Trigon is arguably the show’s most dangerous villain, but the best and most memorable part of the episode is the cathartic conclusion to Raven’s character arc. She spends the show fighting against her origin and fearing what she’s apparently destined to become. Yet, “The End” demonstrates she’s more than what her father meant, allowing her to finally be her own person.

4/10 “I’m Afraid, But That Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Fight Back!”

Season 2, Episode 5, “Fear Itself”

Fear is a crucial part of Raven’s characterization. Her prophetic destiny terrifies her, and she struggles with severe self-doubt while mistrusting herself. Raven is one of the most relatable characters in Teen Titans because while not everyone is a mighty being of magic meant to destroy the world, most of the show’s fans could sympathize with her insecurities.

During one of the show’s early episodes, Raven becomes terrified after watching a horror movie but struggles to admit her fear, thus causing her powers to spiral out of control. Ultimately, she admits her fear but acknowledges she can fight despite feeling it, a lesson that becomes more important as life goes on,

3/10 “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!”

Raven’s Main Incantation Throughout The Show

Fans see Raven use the incantation “Azarath Metrion Zinthos” throughout the show’s run. She often chants it while meditating and during battles, suggesting it’s the way she channels and accesses her powers without needing to go all-out with her emotions.

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Raven uses this phrase multiple times, and it might be the quote most fans think of when thinking about her. It’s the perfect line to summarize her character, being mysterious, incomprehensible, mystical, and vague, much like Raven herself. Few quotes are as well-suited to any given character.

2/10 “I Was Raised By My Friends. They Are My Family.”

Season 4, Episode 13, “The End, Part 3”

There are multiple great superhero families in movies, television, and comic books, but few are as close as the Teen Titans. Supporting each other throughout a pivotal moment in their lives, the Titans raised each other; they learn and make mistakes because they know they have a strong support system around them.

Raven acknowledges the Titans’ importance in her life during her final fight against her demon father. Her character arc throughout the show involves coming to terms with her demonic ancestry and understanding coming from a bad place doesn’t automatically make her a bad person. The Titans are vital for her arc, becoming more than her friends or teammates; indeed, they are her family, inspiring her to improve every day.

1/10 “You… Created Me, But You Were Never My Father.”

Season 4, Episode 13, “The End, Part 3”

Trigon and Raven’s troubled relationship is a crucial part of her characterization. She bears the weight of her seemingly destructive destiny in silence, spending years drowning Trigon’s voice inside her while coming to terms with the realization she is his daughter.

However, being a father is more than just procreation, or in Raven’s case, creation. Trigon might be the figure that gave her life, but he is far from a father. Raven’s realization of that crucial fact allows her to finally let go of her fear, shame, and pain, thus allowing her to enter a new phase of her life. It’s a beautiful and hard-earned moment and the perfect culmination for her overall arc on the show.


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