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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Sabine Wren As A Character

One of the many breakout characters from Star Wars Rebels is Sabine Wren, the artistic demolitions expert of the Ghost crew. Sabine managed to survive the end of the series and would depart with former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tana in order to find fellow Ghost crew member Ezra Bridger, an adventure that will be depicted in the upcoming series Ahsoka.

Part of the reason why Sabine is so popular is that she’s a complicated character with a somewhat tragic backstory and many character traits and flaws. To that end, the best way to describe her character is through a universal language known to all: memes.


The Artist

Throughout Star Wars Rebels, the artistry of Sabine has been a big part of her character and has even helped the Ghost crew on their missions a few times.

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As an artist, Sabine paints everything from captured Imperial supplies to her own armor and hair. Her artistic skills have earned her the nickname “The Artist” from the stormtroopers on Lothal and has even gotten notice from Grand Admiral Thrawn himself. Her artistic legacy has even lived on decades after the Empire’s collapse and the rise of the New Republic.

Relationship With Ezra

One of the closest relationships throughout Star Wars Rebels was the one between Sabine and Ezra, both the youngest member of the Ghost crew. Due to their bond, many fans seemed to jump the gun and see the two as a couple.

While their romantic status was never confirmed in the series, it’s easy to see the seeds of it growing throughout the series. But without confirmation, their bond, for the moment, is more along the lines of a brother-sister relationship. Still, while there wasn’t much revealed at D23, fans can only hope that more of their relationship is revealed when both characters return in Ahsoka.

Demolitions Expert

Sabine’s central role on the Ghost Crew was that of being a demolitions expert. When the team needs something destroyed quick, Sabine’s the one that does the job.

She loves explosions, as they can also create art. If she has a chance to blow something up and create a masterpiece work of art, she’s even happier. As a result, she always has a supply of thermal detonators and other explosives to assist the crew in their missions, especially when things go wrong and they need to initiate an explosive exit to escape the Empire.

Mandalorian Roots

Sabine is known as one of the best Mandalorians in the Star Wars franchise, and it’s these roots that help drive her character, especially in later seasons.

In the past, Sabine, as an Imperial Cadet, built weapons for the Empire, until she realized the truth and went on the run, though she alienated her family and Mandalorian Clan during this time. But the final two seasons of the series shows Sabine returning to her Mandalorian roots to help her family and clan out to free Mandalore from the Empire’s control. Even before then, her Mandalorian training and roots developed her character quite nicely.


Though Hera is the main pilot of the Ghost, Sabine has also shown off some impressive piloting skills throughout the series.

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Sabine has piloted the Phantom numerous times throughout the series, both the original and the new one, as well as flying other various ships and shuttles when Hera is otherwise engaged. While she won’t ever be as impressive as Hera or other great pilots in the franchise, she can still hold her own in a dogfight should the need arise.

Weapon Designer

There are many epic weapons in Star Wars, and many of the most destructive is used on the Rebellion. Sadly, this does include many weapons that Sabine herself designed.

As an Imperial Cadet, Sabine designed and built multiple weapons, hoping that they would be used for peace. Unfortunately, the Empire used them to impose their will on Mandalore. Most notably, the Empire used the Duchess, a super weapon designed by Sabine that can vaporize anyone wearing Mandalorian armor, to try to regain control of the planet when Sabine and Clan Wren led an uprising against them.

She’s A Loner

Despite joining the Ghost crew long before Ezra, Sabine is often seen as the loner in the group, often separating herself from the others when not on missions.

This loner attitude stems once again from her past, where she trusted the Empire blindly before she finally realized the truth about them. As a result, it takes time for her to fully trust others and let people in. As the series progresses, she begins to learn to cope with her past and becomes closer to characters like Ezra, Hera, and Kanan as a result.

Master Of Improvisation

Sometimes, missions that the Ghost crew embark on don’t exactly go to plan. When that happens, they have to improvise to complete the mission and escape.

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When that happens, it’s usually up to Sabine to come up with the plan on the fly. Most of the time, these plans tend to involve explosives or points of precise timing and accuracy. But Sabine has shown time and time again that when things don’t go according to plan, she can cook up a new strategy on the fly or keep the enemy distracted long enough for her friends to come to the rescue.


Sabine, one of the many survivors of Star Wars Rebels, is mostly known for her expertise in art and explosives. But a lesser known skill that she possesses is hacking, or slicing in this case.

Though most of the crew’s hacking jobs are handled by Chopper, in a pinch, Sabine can step up to the plate and slice into Imperial mainframes, gathering intelligence and reprogramming systems to work in her favor. While there are few episodes in which she gets to show off this skill, she can still get these types of jobs done should Chopper be unavailable or incapacitated.

Her Backstory Drives Her

As mentioned multiple times before, much of Sabine’s character is built off her past life in the Imperial Academy. But it’s hard to show just how much this experience changed her.

After seeing the truth and speaking out against the Empire, her family sided with them and essentially exiled her. She was left without a home and a family before joining the Ghost crew. Her feelings and emotions about everything that happened to her eventually came out after an intense training session, and she would later return to her home to help free her people from the Empire once and for all.

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