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Love Is Blind Season 2: Where Are They Now?

Love is Blind season 2 was just as juicy and addictive as season 1, with an equally interesting set of cast members, all presumably looking for lasting love. Just as with season 1, a few found their soulmates immediately…or so they thought. The show wouldn’t be the show, after all, without some drama, and this season had plenty.

While a lot of that was hashed out and resolved on the reunion special, fans still can’t help but wonder what favorite cast members (and villains) might be up to in present day. And most importantly, are any of the cast members who left the show single dating anyone — or each other — yet?


Updated on October 6th, 2022 by Christine Persaud: The After the Altar special featuring the cast of Love is Blind season 2 provided some interesting updates about the Love is Blind season 2 couples, where each of the main cast members are in their lives, and what they have been up to since filming wrapped up. There were some huge surprises revealed, both in the three follow-up episodes as well as in the news prior, some of which fans might find shocking.


Fans instantly fell in love with Iyanna and felt for her when Jarrette, who was split between her and Mallory, admitted that he was likely ready to propose to the latter. When Mallory declared she felt a deeper connection to Sal, he decided to pop the question to Iyanna instead, but not before coming clean to her. One of the biggest surprises of the season was that Iyanna decided to say yes.

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However, since the wedding, one of the Love is Blind season 2 updates to note is that the couple were very open and honest about their relationship struggles. Iyanna moved out of their apartment for a short period of time, unable to deal with Jarrette going out at all hours of the night with his friends. In the end, they decided to divorce, according to US Magazine.


One of two couples to get married on the show, Jarrette met who he believed to be his soulmate in Iyanna. The two remained very much in love on the reunion special, but the compromises didn’t hold and, as noted, one of the things fans should know about the season 2 cast of Love is Blind is that the pair ended up getting divorced. Much of the After the Altar special focused on their marriage struggles, including a candid and uncomfortable dinner with both sets of parents.

Jarrette continues to work a variety of jobs, including dealing sneakers, hosting a podcast, investing, and cutting hair. He also noted on the special that he was working as a security guard at a club.


Danielle and Nick were the only other couple to get married, but alas, their love did not last either. While it seemed as though they were working through their differences, both confirmed right before the After the Altar special streamed that they had decided to divorce. In an Instagram post, Danielle wrote: “It has taken some time to publicly speak about my marriage ending, as emotions are still raw. However, I will always appreciate those who have followed my journey and continue to support me throughout this entire experience.”

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According to her Instagram, she is writing songs and doing brand partnerships.



As noted, Nick and Danielle announced they were divorcing just prior to the After the Altar special premiered, which showed the couple still together and in love at that time. Sadly, the marriage has come to an end.

The pair were responsible for some of the biggest fights on Love is Blind season 2, so fans weren’t entirely surprised by the news. He currently hosts his own podcast called Conversations with Nick Thompson where he interviews a variety of individuals, from authors to CEOs. In an Instagram post about the break-up, he noted that he was “working through my own mental and emotional challenges to overcome feelings of anxiety and depression.”



Natalie and Shayne had the most energetic relationship on the show, behaving like a couple that had been together for years. Fans and others in the cast were convinced they would tie the knot, but in the end, a big fight led Natalie to change her decision.

The pair did attempt to date for a few months after the show but ultimately decided they both wanted different things, as they revealed in the reunion special. By the After the Altar special, the two were not on good terms. Natalie declared that Shaina was still meddling in their relationship, claiming to have seen text exchanges between the two that caused her to end things once again. Her Instagram profile includes a link to the LTK shopping site, where she models clothing for sale.



Involved in a love triangle, fans were certain that Shayne and Natalie, who seemed so loving and playful together, would end up getting married. Sadly, a fight the night before the wedding led Natalie to decline the sacrament. While Shayne seemed torn up about the break-up, Natalie revealed at the reunion that she just couldn’t get past what had happened and the things he said to her in anger.

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While Shayne did not appear on the special with the group, he did meet separately with Shaina where they discussed the situation with Natalie. He revealed that he was not dating anyone and was considering taking some time off his job in real estate to travel. He still, however, lists himself as a realtor.


Deepti came out of the show as the most likable cast member, both by fans and the cast. Everyone at the reunion sung her praises and came to her defense about the things Shake said about her behind her back.

The biggest question fans had then was what was going to happen between herself and Kyle, the biggest love story from the season that didn’t happen. It was revealed on the latest special that the two had become best friends, talking to and seeing one another daily. They explored the possibility of a relationship, and decided they would try to pursue it. However, according to People, while they did date romantically for a short period of time, it did not last. She claimed the “energy was shifting,” there was a lot of pressure on them, and they decided they were better as friends. She recently published a book called I Choose Myself, the same line she spoke to Shake when she left him at the altar.

Abhishek “Shake”


One of the most talked-about cast members from the show after the finale was Abhishek “Shake.” After being rejected by Deepti following many moments where he expressed his lack of physical attraction to her (the worst thing he did on Love is Blind season 2), he continued to act immaturely. That behavior didn’t stop on the reunion show, shocking everyone with some of his thoughtless remarks. Shake did not appear at all on the After the Altar special.

Shake spent time defending his position after the reunion show but eventually delivered an apology statement on his Instagram account. He continues to work as a veterinarian and has been in a relationship with a woman named Emily, according to Distractify, who claimed to have only watched the show after having met and gotten to know him. He also hosts a podcast called Life is Blurry.



Things did not work out between Mallory and Sal, but both seemed to be in a good place at the reunion, respecting one another’s privacy and noting that things happened behind closed doors that led to the dissolution of their relationship. At the After the Altar special, however, she was put in an awkward position when Sal brought his new girlfriend to a getaway trip for Natalie’s birthday.

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She promotes herself as a youth advocate on her Instagram page as well as mom to a pup named Rosie. It’s unclear if she is dating anyone now.



Even though Sal and Mallory appeared to be on the right track, he decided to tell her at the altar that he did not want to get married. On the reunion show, he vaguely alluded to things that happened between them that led to the decision, but he did not elaborate further out of respect for their privacy.

Sal told Buzzfeed that while he and Mallory did have a casual date after the show to see if there was a spark, it didn’t amount to anything. He brought his new girlfriend Jessi to Natalie’s birthday party weekend, leading to an awkward situation with Mallory there as well. According to Bustle, the couple appears to still be together, though there’s no indication of the proposal he alluded to on the special.



Shaina was the season’s resident villain, supposedly involved in a love triangle, abandoning Kyle in Mexico, and appearing to try and drive a wedge between Shayne and Natalie. She accepted Kyle’s proposal despite their deep religious differences and the fact she clearly had feelings for Shayne that she failed to express until it was too late.

Both Shaina and Shayne confirmed there’s no romantic connection between them on the reunion show and they continued to insist on that on the After the Altar special where they met on their own. Shaina announced her engagement to boyfriend Christos, who appeared in several episodes as well. According to Today, the pair have since officially tied the knot.



Kyle might not have found lasting love on the show, but one of the most surprising reveals from the Love is Blind 2 reunion special was that Kyle and Deepti had actually connected on a meaningful level in the pods. Kyle expressed his regret for not pursuing those feelings further and regret for not proposing to Deepti instead of Shaina.

As noted, the pair went back and forth about the close friendship they had developed since, trying to decide if they should make things romantic. They did for a short period but ended up deciding they were better off as friends. He has an OnlyFans account and told People in September 2022 that he was dating someone but wanted to keep the details private.

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