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The Wilds Season 2’s Nora Reveal Is Worse Than Expected

The Wilds season 2 reveals Nora’s fate after a big cliffhanger from the first season, but the end result is worse than expected. Nora played a pivotal role in the first season of Prime Video’s survival series centered on teenage girls. After it was revealed she was a Confederate working for Dawn of Eve, the long-awaited confrontation between her and Leah was meant to happen in The Wilds season 1 ending. However, the series instead left audiences with a big mystery about Nora’s The Wilds fate after she helped save her sister, Rachel, from a shark attack.


When The Wilds season 2 begins, a key part of the story early on is how each of them comes to grips with Nora’s death. She vanished from the water during the shark attack and never returned to shore, leaving Rachel and the rest of the survivors shocked. It also forced Leah to keep her discovery about Nora’s knowledge of what really happened to them to herself. The Wilds season 2 prominently features the trauma and grief among the group, but Nora’s body never being found left doubt that she’s really gone. It is not until The Wilds season 2, episode 5, that the show confirms she is alive – but this happens in an unsatisfying way.

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The confirmation that Nora is alive comes at The Wilds season 2, episode 5 ending. While Rachel is on the beach after having a funeral ceremony for Nora, she says that she feels like Nora is there. This is because her sister is watching from the Dawn of Eve headquarters. Nora’s role does not amount to much, though, as this cameo is season’s lone appearance of Nora. The Wilds season 2 does not bring Nora back at any other point. While knowing that she is alive is a big deal, the show still fails in this reveal as it is only something that viewers know, leaving Rachel and the other girls to continue to believe Nora is dead.

Nora’s Survival Makes Her Deception Worse

The Wilds season 2 revealing that Nora is alive makes her deception throughout the series even worse. She already lied to the rest of the girls repeatedly throughout season 1 about their circumstances, but this also meant deceiving Rachel as their sisterly bond grew. Nora might have known what was really going the whole time, but this trip permanently changed Rachel, as she lost her hand. Now, Nora’s affiliation with Dawn of Eve has also meant that Rachel believes her sister is dead. To make matters even worse, Rachel blames herself for Nora’s death since she swam into the ocean to save her from the shark attack.

Since Nora does not reappear after The Wilds season 2’s revelation, the show essentially pushes her fate and the ramifications of it aside. This could be because of the scrapped plans for The Wilds season 3, which was clearly set up during The Wilds season 2 ending. With the girls and guys united on a new island, Nora could have appeared in the new environment. Perhaps this is what the Dawn of Eve assistant meant when she told Nora, “It’s time,” during episode 5. Sadly, however, viewers will never know.

The Wilds’ Cancelation Shows How The Show Wasted The Nora Reveal

Despite plans for the story to continue, The Wilds was canceled ahead of season 3, making this Nora reveal even worse. With no opportunity for her to re-enter the narrative in a way that makes sense, Nora’s survival in season 2 remains a dangling thread that only audiences know about. This hopefully wasn’t the intention, but the fact that The Wilds season 2 ending has such a glaring plot hole (among others) shows that this Nora The Wilds twist wasn’t as well-thought-out or executed as it could have been. The concept of the Confederates who have been planted as knowing spies in the experiments is solid enough, but with no confrontation ever occurring between Nora and the people she betrayed, the intrigue all falls flat. It’s possible The Wilds season 3 could have fixed this, but it was already odd that Nora’s survival was never made known.

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