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Report Indicates Andrade El Idolo Has Backstage Heat In AEW

Andrade El Idolo was sent home from AEW Dynamite on October 5 following a backstage altercation with Sammy Guevara. He has heat backstage now.

Backstage issues continue to plague AEW, with the latest problem involving Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara starting on Twitter and allegedly ending in an altercation on Wednesday night. El Idolo was sent home following the scrap, while Guevara was still allowed to be a part of Wednesday Night Dynamite because he apparently didn’t fight back or throw any punches. The former NXT Champion had his mask vs. career match against 10 for Friday Night Rampage scrapped, and it’s unclear what the future holds for El Idolo in AEW. Tony Khan has been adamant that he won’t be releasing talent from their contracts with All Elite Wrestling.


In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that El Idolo has some backstage heat after what went down between him and Guevara. “Several have noted that the talent needs to keep their issues off Twitter whether they feel wronged or not, and that was something Guevara was criticized for… Privately, some of the key talents is even more upset with Andrade than would be otherwise because of the timing of this happening, Andrade being fully aware of it, and how this made the company look to the public.

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Andrade El Idolo Was Reportedly Trying To Get Fired From AEW

Meltzer stated earlier this week that El Idolo was attempting to get fired, and several people backstage think that was why things escalated the way they did. This all stemmed from an interview El Idolo gave, where he mentioned Sammy Guevara by name and said he was the one guy in All Elite Wrestling with whom he’d had an issue. Those comments circled the Internet quickly, prompting Guevara to respond on Twitter. El Idolo wrote that he’d see him on Wednesday, and that’s precisely what transpired. This is the second backstage issue that has reportedly ended in a physical altercation over the last five weeks for AEW. The other situation, of course, was what transpired between CM Punk and the Being The Elite crew following the All Out pay-per-view.

It makes sense that El Idolo’s contemporaries would be upset with him over this. Things like this happen, but WWE doesn’t have the same level of leaks as AEW. Whenever something negative happens in All Elite Wrestling, it’s plastered all over Twitter and the dirt sheets. It’s tough to remember the last time fans heard about a backstage physical confrontation in WWE. That doesn’t mean they don’t happen, but the company appears to be better at keeping those issues in-house. Veterans like Chris Jericho asked the locker room to try and keep things more low-key, but that request seems to have fallen on deaf ears. It remains to be seen what the future holds for El Idolo. Last October, he stated that he’d signed a three-year deal with AEW, meaning he likely has at least two years remaining on his contract with the company.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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