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How Chantel’s Divorce Has Increased Her Popularity

Chantel Jimeno has always been a big hit in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, but The Family Chantel star is now at the height of her popularity, due to her bombshell divorce from Pedro Jimeno. Chantel and Pedro left fans stunned with their messy split, after Pedro turned on his wife, and then completely checked out of their marriage during TFC season 4. While Chantel was devastated to lose her husband during The Family Chantel, she has gained many followers as a result of her public separation.


Chantel has enjoyed a sizable following on social media because she’s a big star in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, and commonly regarded as a very beautiful woman by fans. However, her follower count has been rising exponentially since her divorce from Pedro. Chantel attracted over 750K followers before The Family Chantel season 4, although she is now approaching a whopping one million followers on Instagram. Many The Family Chantel fans have become highly invested in her life over the past few months, due to her divorce with Pedro. This has boosted Chantel’s appeal significantly, and she has also become more well-liked by her fans.

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The Family Chantel Fans Love Chantel’s Drama

Chantel’s divorce has dramatically heightened The Family Chantel fans’ interest in her dating life. Viewers are now very eager to find out if Chantel has moved on from Pedro. After watching Pedro mistreat Chantel, and hearing rumors that he cheated on her, many viewers are hoping to see Chantel bounce back with someone new. She stirred up plenty of interest among viewers when it was rumored that she was pursued by the rapper, Drake. Because Chantel is considered attractive and successful, many The Family Chantel fans are curious about who she will date. This has led to more TFC viewers following her during her divorce. Meanwhile, plenty of viewers are hoping to learn juicy divorce details, or hear Chantel bash Pedro. However, she has been very graceful and civil so far.

Chantel Jimeno From The Family Chantel Is Now Well-Liked

While the drama surrounding Chantel and Pedro’s divorce has meant more time in the spotlight, she now has far more fans rooting for her. Chantel has demonstrated real growth since her days on 90 Day Fiancé. She stopped meddling, and became a good wife to Pedro, and a loyal sister and family member as well. Many viewers also sympathized with Chantel when Pedro suddenly ended their marriage, and refused to seek counseling, or work things out. She has gained many followers, because viewers really sympathize with her. More fans can relate to her now, and they’re cheering her on, hoping that she comes out on top.

Overall, there is so much interest in Chantel at the moment. While some The Family Chantel fans are merely seeking drama, many of her followers truly want to see her succeed. Pedro and Chantel’s divorce was surprisingly real and raw. Watching Chantel have her heart broken onscreen resonated with many viewers, and led to her becoming far more sympathetic among fans. While Pedro has rapidly been losing followers, The Family Chantel fans are declaring their allegiance to Chantel online.

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