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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Show

For 8 seasons, Southern Charm has given Bravo fans a combination of well-known Southern class and reality TV gold. While this group of dramatic friends live in Charleston and grew up with wholesome Southern values and hospitality, the drama fans have seen over the years proves the cast has ignored all the Southern traditions and guides that have been passed around.

With the latest season recently ending, the closest thing fans could do to stay close to the epic season was create memes about the show. From Austen and Craig’s hot and cold dynamic to Shep’s breakup from Taylor, these Bravo fans left no meme unturned.


The Power Of BravoCon

BravoCon is an experience that started in 2019. The three-day event is everything Bravo fans could dream of. It’s curated with Bravo fan experiences, games, exhibits, meet and greets, and a lot more. Even more exciting, castmates from Bravo’s top shows appear at BravoCon, including those from Southern Charm

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Although BravoCon isn’t mentioned on Southern Charm, the idea of fans hugging the Southern Charm cast members at the event is something all Bravo fans can relate to since it’s one of Bravo’s best reality shows.

Austen Is The Modern Day Good Luck Chuck

Like most of the men on Southern Charm, Austen has had his ups and downs with relationships. While he liked former cast member Chelsea Meissner, his more serious relationship was with Madison LeCroy. But after a tumultuous relationship, the two broke up, and she moved on rather quickly with a man she’s now engaged to.

Funny enough, Austen’s other love interest from another Bravo show like Southern Charm, Summer House, also got engaged. With both love interests finding future husbands, this meme joked at Austen being the modern-day version of Chuck from a movie with a similar storyline, Good Luck Chuck.

Bravo Fans Were All Rooting For Shep’s Maturity…

Shep Rose has grown a lot throughout Southern Charm. At 42 years old, Shep is one of the older cast members but he still has the childish moments that make him seem younger.

A major part of Shep’s storyline over the years is Shep’s love life. As a well-known Charleston bachelor, fans were stunned when he started dating Taylor Green. What’s more, the two fell in love and had a very serious relationship. What made season 8 one of the best Southern Charm seasons was the couple’s highs and lows. Taylor was ready for marriage and kids, but Shep wasn’t there yet. Cracks began to show in their relationship and the two broke up off camera. Because of this, a Tyra Banks meme of fans rooting for him was appropriate.

A Southern Charm & RHONY Crossover!

Craig Conover isn’t a cast member who blindly follows his friends or picks a side based on who he’s known the longest. Craig stands behind whoever he feels is right in the argument. As a lawyer, Craig tries to plead his case in arguments with his friends, but it never goes over well when he’s had one too many drinks. While Craig is one of the more likable Southern Charm characters, he goes off the deep end when drunk and angry.

This meme compared Craig to The Real Housewives of New York’s Dorinda Medley. In the current season of Southern Charm (and former seasons), Craig turned into a Dorinda of sorts when intoxicated and mad. He slurs his speech, he’s loud, and he doesn’t back down. This meme summarizes the season because fans have seen this side of Craig when he argued with Naomie Olindo over the new boundaries in their friendship.

Pull Up A Chair Because Southern Charm’s Season 8 Is Its Bumpiest Yet

Season 8 has had some of the more dramatic moments in the series. Between Shep and Taylor’s demise, Austen and Madison’s constant shade, and Craig and Naomie’s newfound friendship, a lot is happening in season 8.

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This meme of Patricia Altschul’s former butler Michael preparing an adult cocktail for her summarizes the series because like Patricia, many Bravo fans prepare themselves for weekly episodes by getting their favorite snacks and drinks and diving into the drama.

A Visit To WWHL Turned Into A Meme

Andy seems to love having the cast members of Southern Charm on his late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live. Andy, Craig, and Austen, in particular, seem to have a fun-loving friendship on and off the camera. The cast of Southern Charm is some of the few that have been on WWHL the most.

After a visit on the show, Austen and Craig became an instant meme when they looked at the camera at the same time. Although the two men hate drama and get upset when they’re involved with it, it almost seems like they can’t get enough of it at the same time because of how involved they get with their friends.

The Whitney And Naomie Relationship Was A Shock To Fans

Naomie Olindo came back for season 8 after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend in New York City. In a shocking twist, fans found out that Naomie hooked up with her ex-boyfriend Craig once she moved back to Charleston. Even more shocking, Naomie also admitted to being in a relaxed relationship with fellow cast member Whitney Sudler-Smith.

This was a surprise to fans, especially when Naomie didn’t understand Whitney’s references and she realized how much older he was than her. As the meme pointed out, Whitney was born in ’68, making him on the cusp of 55. With Naomie being 30 years old, the age gap had Bravo fans talking.

The Fight Fans Have Been Waiting For

In a preview for the rest of season 8, Craig and Austen were seen fighting by a car, and Madison and Olivia Flowers were seen giving each other some major attitude at an event. Not knowing where these arguments came from, fans are counting down the days to see how these fights transpired.

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This meme jokes at the elegance of Southern charm during a disagreement. Madison has been a part of funny memes in the past, but it’s a new ballgame when paired with her ex’s new girlfriend. Olivia and Madison were seen in beautiful gowns arguing with smiles on their faces, which is similar to how some respond to others when they can’t say what they want to say.

Don’t Sleep On Southern charm

Some Bravo fans will say that season 8 of Southern Charm isn’t as entertaining as past seasons, but as this meme suggests, that opinion is a red flag.

Season 8 has everything from breakups to dog weddings to hookups to new lovers. Because of the group’s close-knit relationship with each other, each fight is more dramatic and heartfelt than the next.

Life Lessons By Patricia

As Whitney’s mother and the primary matriarch of the friend group, Patricia has taught many life lessons throughout Southern Charm. She lives in such elegance that she expects the same level in the company she keeps.

The only problem is that she spends time with her son’s friends who aren’t always the most dignified or classy. One rule that Patricia always stands by is a refreshing cocktail. This meme summarized the series because fans can find Patricia at any event with a glass of champagne or a martini in her hands to get through the drama that her son’s friends find themselves in.

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