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5 Kids’ Board Game Deals Not to Miss

If you have a Prime membership, check out this online sale with Amazon this week. Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale is Tuesday, October 11th and Wednesday, October 12th. For Prime members, you can score deals earlier than Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any holiday clearance sales. At 12 a.m. PST on October 11th, you can begin shopping these unbelievable deals, and keep searching for sales until the next day on October 12th. You can save up to 70 percent on Amazon devices, up to 50 percent on Prime Video movies, and up to 45 percent on select furniture pieces.


Take advantage of this fall sale and check out these board games for kids on Amazon. These five games will be affordable, exciting to play as a family, and perfect for holiday or birthday gifts. Plus, you can get your first 30 days of Prime for free, so you can test out Prime while shopping these sales!

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Sorry! Parker Brothers Family Board Game

This Amazon Exclusive version of the kids’ board game Sorry! is a family board game for two to four players. For children ages six and up, this classic board game encourages players to race against each other using playful strategy. Pick either a red, yellow, green, or blue pawn and try to get all four to your home base before the other players. This board game includes a deck of cards essential to the game play, with choices that can completely change who is in the lead. You can buy this Hasbro Gaming board game for kids for only $14.89, which is about 30% off the list price. Buy Sorry on Amazon during the Prime Early Access Sale to bring back the classics to your family game night!

Buy Sorry! on Amazon

Connect 4 Game: Marvel Spider-Man Edition

Do you have a kid who loves Spider-Man? This Connect 4 is a Marvel, Spider-Man edition made for kids ages six and up. An Amazon Exclusive game, Connect 4 is a strategy game for two players that can be played quickly. But instead of the classic yellow and red tokens, this version of Connect 4 provides red Spider-Man tokens and black Miles Morales tokens. Players try to stack the discs either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to connect four of their color in a row. You can play this game over and over, developing new techniques as you go along. This game is 30 percent off as well, for only $12.99. Buy this Spider-Man version on Amazon during the sale for any fan of Spider-Man!

Buy Spider-Man Connect 4 on Amazon

Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-O Board Game

Hasbro’s Hi Ho! Cherry-O board game for kids is ideal for ages three and up. You can play this sweet yet educational game with two or four players. Another Amazon Exclusive board game, Hi Ho! Cherry-O is made by Hasbro Gaming and implements education into its game play. Whatever color and number of fruit the spinner lands on, players try to get ten fruits into their basket. This is a great way to practice counting and math skills for younger players, especially with the puzzle to accompany this game. At almost 35 percent off, this board game is only $8.19, an unbelievable deal for such a classic game. Buy Hi Ho! Cherry-O on Amazon for your toddler this fall!

Buy Hi Ho! Cherry-O on Amazon

Monopoly Junior Board Game

Why not get a board game for kids that adults can play too? Monopoly Junior is another Amazon Exclusive board game for children ages five and up. With simplified rules but the same concept, players can get a feel for Monopoly without the frustration of complex game play. The kid-friendly properties and cute tokens make this a unique board game for your family. Choose between the purple hat, black dog, yellow cat, or green car and race around the board while making money. At almost 30 percent off, this version of Monopoly is only $11.99 during the Prime Early Access Sale. Buy Monopoly Junior on Amazon for young entrepreneurs!

Buy Monopoly Junior on Amazon

Spot It! Classic Card Game

Finally, this classic card game Spot It! is a great game for kids ages six and up. Play this fast-paced game with two to eight players in only 15 minutes. Made by Zygomatic, this is a quick and cute card game that uses focus, visual perception skills, and fine motor skills. Test out your observational skills and speedy reflexes by finding the matching symbols before your opponents. Because this game is a deck of cards, it is easy to transport or play in the car as a family. Plus, this card game is 30 percent off during the sale for only $8.99 with a Prime membership. Buy Spot It! on Amazon during the sale on October 11th and 12th!

Buy Spot It! on Amazon Prime

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