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Valorant’s Indian agent is Harbor and he’s all set to bring water abilities

After multiple teasers, Riot has finally revealed the next agent coming to Valorant. The Indian agent, which was so far known as Agent 21, finally has a name. Additionally, the official Valorant handle on social media has revealed the type of agent he will be and has hinted at the agent’s abilities. Also Read – Valorant’s Indian agent, Agent 21, showed off again in two new trailers

Agent 21 is Harbor and he likely possesses water abilities

Valorant’s next agent, Agent 21 is fully revealed in the new teaser poster shared online. Now, we know that the upcoming Indian agent will be called Harbor. His real name will stay Varun Batra and he is hinted to be a controller-type agent. Also Read – Riot yet again reveals that an Indian agent is arriving soon in Valorant

Not just the name, but the agent’s looks have also been revealed. Harbor a.k.a Varun Batra will have macho-man looks, having a beard and mustache. The poster reveals Harbor sitting on a motorcycle with water around him. This hints that the new agent will have water abilities. Also Read – Valorant’s new electric agent Neon likely arriving on Episode 4: Disruption

To recall, a previous teaser also revealed the same where the water from the glass was controlled. This as well as a few hints in the past have revealed that Harbor will be a controller. If this happens to be true, then he will be the fifth controller joining Brimstone, Astra, Omen, and Viper.

The new Indian agent will appear alongside the next Act. Valorant is all set to bring Act III of Episode 5 on October 18. With the new act, we could also get to see new maps and new agents like Harbor.

The last Act, Act II of Episode 5 didn’t introduce any new maps or agents, however, Valorant will fall back to its regular schedule of maps and agent introductions starting Act III.

Since now the name, looks, and hint of his abilities have been confirmed by Riot, Indian fans are all set to play Harbor in the game in a few weeks’ time.

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