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Best Twitter Fan Reactions To The RHOBH Season 12 Reunion Trailer

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 reunion trailer threw the fans into a frenzy online, creating some of the best reactions. Before the latest season aired, many news stories broke about the drama during filming, including the Aspen trip meltdown involving Kathy Hilton and Lisa Rinna. Since then, Kathy and Lisa have been very active on social media addressing their different recollections of what happened that night. The RHOBH season 12 finale revealed that Erika Jayne might be involved in leaking stories to the press about Kathy’s alleged meltdown on the Aspen trip. The reunion previews suggest the aftermath of the Aspen trip will be the main topic of discussion.


In the RHOBH season 12 reunion trailer, fans saw Lisa accuse Kathy of “abusing” her. Kathy responds by accusing Lisa of using the Aspen incident to run her off the show as she allegedly did to Lisa Vanderpump and other former co-stars. Garcelle Beauvais, who called Lisa a “hypocrite,” even asked Erika and Lisa about their attack on Kathy. One of the trailers also showed Kyle Richards in tears asking to be dismissed from the stage before making a toast. Jamie Lee Curtis also made a surprise appearance in the reunion trailer. Viewers are eager to see how their favorite housewives fare during the reunion. Many RHOBH fans jumped on Twitter to comment on the trailer and released clips, and their reactions were reasonable.

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Lisa Accuses Kathy Of Abuse During The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

In one of the previews for the upcoming RHOBH reunion, Lisa claims she was mistreated by Kathy. Twitter user @JoshLeeLyn quickly invalidated Lisa’s accusations by listing off all the vile things Lisa has said and done to other RHOBH cast members over the years. He referred to her past claim that Dorit was using drugs, accusing Yolanda Hadid of faking Lyme’s Disease, and Lisa shaming Sutton Stracke this season. Many RHOBH fans agreed, as the tweet accumulated nearly 11K likes.

Kathy Calls Out Lisa At The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Twitter user @DoritsTwin superimposed a clip of Kathy confronting Lisa at the reunion into a photo of Pope Francis. He appears to be holding up the video clip in his hands while he performs the communion. @DoritsTwin’s caption reads, “Kathy reading Lisa for filth #RHOBH.” In the clip, Kathy calls Lisa “the biggest bully in Hollywood” and accuses her of driving other cast mates off the show, including Kathy’s sister, Kim Richards. Kathy also argues that Lisa wanted to get the Kathy drama on camera to get her contract renewed. Twitter user @onotue also tweeted in support of Kathy and applauded her for “dragging” Lisa.

Kyle Breaks Down In Tears At The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

In the RHOBH season 12 reunion trailer, viewers caught a glimpse of Kyle tearfully expressing her feelings on what happened between her and Kathy, but many fans were unmoved. Twitter user @VanderVVtm pointed out Kathy was the actual victim of Lisa’s takedown, Garcelle’s son was cussed at by Erika, and Sutton was bullied by other housewives as well. The Twitter users alluded to the irony that Kyle is victimizing herself even though she had the least amount of conflict this season. Another Twitter user chimed in on the thread to ask why Kyle was crying and called her “ridiculous.”

The RHOBH reunion looks tense, judging by the trailer and many clips floating around online. In fact, the cast even opted out of the group’s traditional cast photo. As fans get excited for the RHOBH reunion part one tonight, viewers hope the intense ending will not affect the dynamics between the women and that they all return for RHOBH season 13 on a much lighter note.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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