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Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor Definitely Should Return In Secret Wars

Marvel’s Secret Wars comics have the answer for how the MCU can bring back Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor without undoing Love & Thunder’s ending.

Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor died at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, yet Jane Foster could return in Avengers: Secret Wars in a way that follows the comics while also preserving her Thor 4 arc. After skipping Thor: Ragnarok and exiting the MCU for seven years, Natalie Portman returned for Thor: Love and Thunder now with a far more exciting role. Still, Jane Foster’s Love and Thunder storyline was very self-contained, but that doesn’t mean Natalie Portman cannot return to the MCU.


While the idea that any character could return via the multiverse has been Marvel Studios’ president Kevin Feige’s standard answer when it comes to MCU actors reprising their roles, a Mighty Thor variant in Secret Wars would make a lot of sense. In the 2015 Secret Wars comics, a version of Jane Foster from the multiverse, who is also Thor in her universe, infiltrates Doctor Doom’s Thor Corps. The Thor Corps was an elite team put together by Doctor Doom formed by a group of warriors who were worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Considering that the MCU introduced the concept of Jane Foster as Mighty Thor so close to its upcoming version of Secret Wars, it would be no surprise if Avengers: Secret Wars adapts the Thor Corps and brings back Natalie Portman as a multiversal variant of Jane Foster.

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Multiversal Mighty Thor In Secret Wars Would Honor Love & Thunder’s Ending

A problem with bringing back Jane Foster to the MCU after Thor: Love and Thunder is that it would risk undoing the impact of the film. Jane Foster sacrificed herself at the end of Love and Thunder, a cathartic ending given that the movie had previously established Jane Foster’s cancer diagnosis. Love and Thunder rightfully avoided giving Jane Foster’s cancer a sci-fi explanation as many had speculated, an effort that could be undone if Jane were to return as if nothing had happened.

Though the MCU is used to retconning deaths or finding alternate ways to bring back a character, Jane Foster’s Love and Thunder story does not ask for the Loki treatment. That said, the MCU can easily revisit Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Jane Foster/Mighty Thor thanks to the multiverse. By introducing a Jane Foster variant in Secret Wars, Marvel would be both following the comics and honoring Love and Thunders’ ending.

Jane Foster’s Return In Secret Wars Depends On The MCU’s Doctor Doom Plans

While the MCU rarely does one-to-one adaptations from the comics when it comes to major arcs like Age of Ultron or Civil War, Jane Foster’s return via the multiverse would only work if Doctor Doom is in Avengers: Secret Wars. Even if the multiverse allows every version of every character to appear, there has to be strong reasoning behind every cameo and unexpected return. For Mighty Thor, the perfect explanation would be the Thor Corps, which can only be adapted in the MCU if Doctor Doom is somehow involved.

Considering how the Loki series is already playing with the idea of multiversal versions of Odin’s sons, the MCU has all the necessary setup to adapt the Thor Corps. Jane Foster as Mighty Thor is a concept way too interesting not to be revisited, but only if it doesn’t undo Thor: Love and Thunder’s ending. That is why an Avengers: Secret Wars version of the Thor Corps would be the best way to bring Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster back.

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