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Pete Davidson & Joe Pesci Are An Odd Couple In Bupkis First-Look Image

Pete Davidson and Joe Pesci appear together in first look images for Peacock’s new show Bupkis. Pete Davidson left his role as a Saturday Night Live cast member last season, after joining the show in 2014. Davidson got his start in standup comedy, but after joining SNL, the comedian took up several bigger acting roles, including leading his own films like King of Staten Island, which was produced and directed by Judd Apatow, Hulu’s Big Time Adolescence, and most recently, Meet Cute. Joe Pesci is most known for his Academy-Award winning role in Goodfellas, or for his role as Harry in the Home Alone franchise.


Shortly before Davidson’s departure from SNL last May, Bupkis was given a straight-to-series order by Peacock. The series is set to closely follow Davidson’s life, with the comedian announced as a writer, star, and executive producer on the project, along with Lorne Michaels, the lead producer and creator of SNL. Judah Miller and David Sirus, who worked with Davidson on King of Staten Island, were also announced as writers for the show. In August, Joe Pesci signed onto the show to play Davidson’s grandfather, and now audiences are getting their first look at the project.

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Peacock has revealed the official first-look image of Joe Pesci and Pete Davidson’s their characters from their upcoming comedy series, Bupkis. Additionally, the streaming platform revealed that the show is now in production, with no official release date announced at the time of writing. Check out the photo of Davidson and Pesci below:

Everything We Know About Pete Davidson’s New Show Bupkis

Bupkis, which means “nothing at all” in Yiddish, is already drawing comparisons to Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm for its witty comedy and plot development, but namely in that it will follow a fictionalized version of Davidson’s real life, and include an unfiltered worldview, which Davidson’s work often follows. The show is Pesci’s first television series in over 35 years, having only also appeared in the canceled 1985 series Half Nelson. Davidson previously commented on Bupkis being developed for Peacock, sharing his excitement to be on the same platform as MacGruber and The Office, while also joking that “the media will finally start paying attention to me.”

Davidson has proven he does well with the semi-autobiographical genre, as evidenced by The King of Staten Island‘s rave reception upon its 2020 release. Though not thoroughly based on himself, the film was written to closely reflect Davidson’s own life, namely the loss of his father and the strong effect it had on his adult life. Additionally, with co-stars like Pesci and Falco, Bupkis looks to have strong potential straight out of the gate.

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