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All Saints’ Wake 2022 Seasonal Rewards Guide

Halloween is coming to Final Fantasy XIV in the seasonal All Saints’ Wake event, where players can participate in a spooky celebration.

The Halloween celebration is fast approaching in the world of Eorzea with the latest All Saint’s Wake event coming to Final Fantasy XIV. All Saints’ Wake is a recurring seasonal event in Final Fantasy XIV that celebrates the eerie and spooky, promising a brand new mischievous quest line and festive rewards. Participation in this event will enable players to acquire a unique outfit and a brand-new emote.

As a seasonal event in Final Fantasy XIV, All Saints’ Wake is an annual celebration in late October, with fun and fantastic rewards awaiting players. With cosmetics playing a huge part in Final Fantasy XIV‘s community, the rewards from seasonal events like All Saint’s Wake are reason alone to participate in the festivities. After the event, seasonal items tend to only become available for purchase a year after the original release. This makes participation in the new All Saint’s Wake a must for any Final Fantasy XIV Glamour aficionados.


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The rewards for this year’s celebration are the Wake Doctor’s Attire and the Eat Pumpkin Cookie emote. Players will also be able to acquire the Caged Wisp tabletop item for their personal housing, as well as some seasonal consumable party items. Players looking to obtain all the treasures on offer will need to brave the limited quest line and participate in this year’s festivities. Players should note that the seasonal quest cannot be completed after the conclusion of this limited event.

Where to Start the All Saints’ Wake Questline in FFXIV

Players looking to receive the exclusive Final Fantasy XIV rewards from this event will be able to participate in the event from October 19th at 1 A.M. (PDT) to November 1st at 7:59 AM (PDT). During this time period, players will find an Elezen at Old Gridania’s Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater (X:10.3 Y:9.1) titled Adventurer’s Guild Investigator. Speaking to this investigator will start the quest “A Mad Masquerade,” the first quest in the “March of the Mischievous Costume Cortege” quest line.

Upon successful progress in this limited quest line, players will unlock a seasonal currency exclusive to this event. The tokens received for participation in All Saints’ Wake’s limited content can be exchanged for exclusive rewards from an NPC at the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheater. With this limited event releasing in near-tandem with Final Fantasy XIV‘s Patch 6.25, players will have no shortage of content to experience during the second half of October.

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