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How To Restore The Sunstone in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To restore the Sunstone in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must work with Mother Gothel to transform the Sunstone’s shards into Gleaming Fragments.

Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone” is a Friendship Quest with Mother Gothel in Disney Dreamlight Valley that tasks players with restoring a magical item known as the Sunstone. To mend this mystical mineral, players must complete the prerequisite quest, “The Sunstone Fragments,” during which a Fragment of the Sunstone can be found in different biomes at specific times of the day. Once Fragments have all been collected, they must be taken to Mother Gothel for inspection.


Mother Gothel has a plan for restoring each of the Fragments so that the Sunstone in its entirety might be restored in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To perform this process, she requires players to bring her various resources. First, to mend the Dawn Fragment, players must gather a Lemon, Ocean Water, Oregano, and Mint. Lemons are a fruit found in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust, and Ocean Water can be collected from a sparkling node by the ocean on Dazzle Beach.

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Next, Oregano grows in the Plaza, and Mint comes from Frosted Heights. If players cook the ingredients they gathered with the Dawn Fragment, the shard’s power will be restored, transforming it into a Gleaming Dawn Fragment. The second Sunstone Fragment in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Dusk Fragment, which can be restored by being planted in the Forgotten Lands.

Steps For Restoring The Sunstone Fragments In Disney Dreamlight Valley

During its restoration, players must visit the tile where the Dusk Fragment has been planted and provide it with moisture with the Watering Can. According to the YouTube channel GosuNoob, this process can take up to 24 hours in real time. Fans will know if the Fragment needs water by checking the in-game map and looking for the red droplet icon. Once the map icon of the Fragment disappears, the Gleaming Dusk Fragment is ready to be harvested and delivered to Mother Gothel.

For the next step of “Village Project: Restoring the Sunstone” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must travel to the Forgotten Lands and collect Sun Meteorites that have fallen to the ground. They will appear as blazing nodes dotted randomly about the area. After gathering five of these meteorites, return to Mother Gothel and show her the quest items. Finally, head to a crafting bench in Disney Dreamlight Valley and restore the Sunstone to complete Mother Gothel’s Friendship Quest. Completing all the objectives will reward participants with 1,230 Friendship XP with the Tangled antagonist and the unique Furniture piece, Mother Gothel’s Standing Mirror.

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Source: Youtube/GosuNoob

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