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Best Ways To Make Money in Coral Island

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Developing relationships with Townies and relishing a peaceful and prosperous farmer’s life are central activities in Coral Island, but such enjoyment and relaxation must be funded through money. Like any farming sim, money is not easy to come by, yet it is still the primary means by which players progress through their day-to-day routine. Money is crucial for development if players want to purchase materials or items exclusive to shops, buy seeds for growing, or upgrade their tools.


Fortunately, Coral Island does not involve multiple currencies like Gems or Stardust but focuses on a single coin-based system for finances. Therefore, the process of earning money is straightforward, but understanding how to do it efficiently is where players might struggle. Of course, there are those who master the day cycle to perfection and know precisely when and where to complete certain activities to maximize their income within an in-game day. However, most Coral Island fans will likely prefer to relax and grind their earnings in a non-complex manner.

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For such players, there are two excellent methods for making money fast and efficiently in Coral Island, based on the findings of two community members. The first involves foraging, while the second will require islanders to fish. Nevertheless, both techniques can be more effective if their correlating tools are upgraded.

Earning Money Fast Through Bug Selling & Foraging

To perform the first method effectively, players should upgrade their Inventory space in Coral Island as soon as possible. The reason is that islanders will need lots of slots to hold items to sell. Next, they should consider upgrading their Hoe, but this step is optional. As for the money-making technique, YouTuber Quick Tips suggests that players take their Hoe and begin unearthing the ground anywhere on the island while foraging nearby nodes. Digging will yield bugs, while foraging will grant other random resources to sell. For example, if players dig up 32 common Ground Beetles in a day, they can sell these insects for 1,440 Coins. This sum does not include the bonus income made from additional foraged items.

Earning Easy Money Through Fishing

Another excellent method for making money fast in the adorable, cozy farming sim experience of Coral Island is fishing sharks, specifically Great White Sharks. According to YouTube content creator Zan GG, Great White Sharks can be caught by fishing from Zarah’s Boat or the pier next to it. This Fish type can be challenging to catch, so an upgraded Fishing Pole might be necessary for some players. Nonetheless, one Great White Shark will sell for 845 Coins, a massive amount for a single item. However, a downside is that Sharks can only be caught during specific seasons. Furthermore, some fans might dislike fishing minigames in farming sims. Therefore, the foraging methods might be better for such players in Coral Island.

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