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Black Adam Post-Credits Scene Fully Explained

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Black AdamDirected by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam finally makes his live-action debut in his self-titled solo outing. The film, which is still very much a part of the DC Extended Universe, has been brewing since the early 2000s, but it didn’t go into production until April 2021. Black Adam’s post-credits scene was leaked online weeks ahead of the film’s theatrical release, with Johnson all but confirming the big cameo appearance of a DCEU veteran.


Black Adam’s post-credits scene, which was reportedly not filmed until mid-September, sees the long-awaited return of Henry Cavill’s Superman, who last appeared in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Johnson pushed for Cavill to return as the Man of Steel, reportedly taking the idea to others after it was shot down by former President of DC Films Walter Hamada, who ended his controversial tenure in October. There has been much hype surrounding Superman’s return in Black Adam’s post-credits scene, and it certainly hints at more to come, including a potential Superman vs. Black Adam confrontation.

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Black Adam Post-Credits Scene Explained

After the dust settled in Kahndaq, Amanda Waller decided on a one-on-one conversation with Black Adam. The leader of Task Force X was not pleased that he broke out of her prison, and made sure that Teth-Adam knew it, too. Throughout the film, Black Adam proved himself a powerful and formidable being. He took on the Justice Society of America and Sabbac, the demonic villain poised to bring Hell on Earth, and was seemingly free to roam as he pleased thereafter — there was so much of the world to explore after being imprisoned for 5,000 years, after all. Black Adam is cocky, believing there’s no one on the planet who could beat him. The antihero knows his own strength, and the only one who could truly fight him with a chance of winning is Superman. Waller is counting on it, too, which is why she calls on him. The post-credits scene is brief, with Superman appearing to back up Waller’s threats (she doesn’t take rejection very well) of handling Black Adam should he ever step out of line. Superman seems intrigued by Black Adam before revealing he’s made the world nervous. The looks passed between the Kryptonian and Black Adam are not entirely lethal, but there’s also a challenge in their expressions. The post-credits scene lays the groundwork for a tense relationship to blossom between Black Adam and Superman in the future. And though Superman suggests they talk, conversing isn’t exactly Black Adam’s strong suit.

Is Black Adam’s Superman A Different Version Of The Character?

Johnson has suggested that the specific wording in Black Adam’s post-credits scene is important. When Black Adam tells Waller that there’s “no one on this planet” who can go up against him, Waller says that she can find someone who is not of this planet to stop him. It’s an interesting choice of words. Although Superman is originally from Krypton, the superhero considers Earth his home. What’s more, it’s unlike Superman to swoop in and intimidate someone he just met. He might have suggested they talk, but the implication is that Superman is there on Waller’s behalf to ensure Black Adam does as he’s told. Black Adam’s post-credits exchange suggests that this version of Cavill’s Superman may not be the one who previously appeared in any of the DCEU movies, including Man of Steel or Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With The Flash movie gearing up to introduce the multiverse, it’s possible the Superman appearing in Black Adam is from another universe entirely. It would certainly explain why Superman is working with Waller, which is odd considering the superhero would likely not agree with her methods or what she’s done with Task Force X. To be sure, Superman is technically not from Earth originally, so Waller’s words are within reason. Ultimately, Waller doesn’t much care about Superman beyond being a weapon she can use at her disposal.

Why Superman Is The Perfect Choice For Black Adam

Black Adam’s abilities are extremely powerful, and his strength has been compared to Superman’s. Not only does Superman have all the physical abilities and powers to fight Black Adam and win, but there is precedent for it in the comics. Black Adam hasn’t always been depicted as an antihero; in his early days in the comics, he was often portrayed as a supervillain. The latter is what would often lead him to fights with Superman, and the pair battled each other quite a few times throughout their comics histories. In 1978’s Superman vs. Shazam!, Black Adam, disguised as Captain Marvel/Shazam, provokes Superman into a fight. Though their fights are typically entertaining, Black Adam and Superman’s battles would often end in a tie because of their comparable powers.

Will Black Adam vs. Superman Finally Happen?

The decision to include Superman in Black Adam’s post-credits scene at all suggests a conflict between the pair is brewing. While a Black Adam vs. Superman fight might not happen right away, there is more hope now than ever that fans will see the comic book characters clash onscreen. It’s doubtful that so much effort would be put into a scene that would never get a payoff elsewhere in the DCEU. It’s possible Black Adam will cross paths with Shazam first before the antihero butts heads with Superman. This would be in line with the comics, too, considering Black Adam is one of Shazam’s main antagonists. The Black Adam vs. Superman battle might be more of a slow-burn and, according to producer Hiram Garcia, will be more in-line with long-form storytelling than a one-off fight. All told, everything seems to be pointing to Black Adam duking it out with Superman at some point in the future. When that will be realized is anyone’s guess at this point, but the groundwork is being laid.

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How Black Adam’s Post-Credits Scene Sets Up The DCEU’s Future

The changes at Warner Bros. have left the DCEU on shaky ground, especially after the shocking cancelation of Batgirl. WB has been searching for someone to helm its DC superhero slate, but the future still seems rather uncertain. However, Black Adam’s post-credits scene indicates a potential shift. Black Adam’s inclusion of Superman hints that Cavill will be back on at least a part-time basis in the DCEU. There are reports of a Man of Steel 2, and if Garcia’s claim of a long-form story regarding Black Adam vs. Superman happens, fans could expect Superman to pop in from time to time in various films before having a final fight with Black Adam. Black Adam’s post-credits scene also implies that Johnson’s antihero will be central to the future of the DCEU. It’s possible he could appear in a Black Adam sequel, as well as in a movie with Shazam. Black Adam has a long history in the comics, and it seems like his solo outing is only the beginning of his time in the DCEU.

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