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October 20, 2022 Hints & Answer

October 20th’s Wordle is a popular fabric used for garments worn by many. However, players can struggle to figure out today’s answer without hints.

October 20th’s Wordle answer might not be too difficult to solve without sacrificing the daily streak, as it is a common garment worn by many. Players might be able to solve today’s solution in less than six attempts, provided they use strategic starting words that can identify the vowel in the middle. Finding the correct spot of vowels is a common tactic many Wordle players use as it does give a fair idea about the answer. However, for some reason, players are unable to locate the correct position of the vowel from today’s answer; they might have better luck using Wordle‘s different mode.


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Many players prefer to use Wordle‘s hard mode as it lets them practice strategies that can be used in the regular mode as well. Unfortunately, this mode does not allow players to use confirmed letters in a random spot, making finding the correct position of a vowel slightly tricky. However, once players identify a vowel’s correct position in this mode, they are forced to use words that feature the vowel in the exact spot and, in the process, identify other letters from today’s Wordle answer.

Today’s Wordle Hints (October 20th #488)

It gets much more manageable for players to guess complicated Wordle answers in six attempts when they use clues that are more relevant. These hints may not spoil the answer outright, but they help players figure out the solution quickly compared to Wordle‘s Color-changing mechanic.

  • Hint 1: jeans or other garments made of this fabric.
  • Hint 2: overalls are usually made of this fabric
  • Hint 3: Levis is particularly famous for using this fabric

Today’s Wordle Answer (October 20th #488)

The October 20th Wordle answer is DENIM.

Players can solve today’s Wordle answer using words like ‘DENTS,’ ‘MAXIM,’ and’ CLAIM.’ In fact, players will be able to identify the correct position of every letter using DENTS and CLAIM in their first few attempts. However, using these words will definitely give away today’s Wordle answer right away if used right after each other. So the only thing left to do now is to wait for tomorrow’s Wordle puzzle.

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