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One Quote From Each Character That Goes Against Their Personality

With the balance between Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk, the She-Hulk series is very much about different sides of the same person. However, from Jennifer to her enemies to her allies, the main characters of She-Hulk do have distinct personality traits, yet they also go against them at times.

Some key quotes in the series highlight these moments when these people act out of character. While they might not have been what fans were expecting, these quotes are a fun look at another side of these She-Hulk characters and their personalities.


10/10 “I Must Depart.”


It is always fun to see Wong turn up anywhere in the MCU and his appearance in She-Hulk was no different. In fact, the show allowed fans to see a more comedic side to the character than had previously been seen.

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This includes a funny gag after Wong testifies at Emil Blonsky’s parole hearing. Though he succeeds to absolving Blonsky of his escape attempt, the parole board points out that Wong broke the law himself. Though his abrupt departure is funny, it doesn’t seem like Wong would run away from any situation so easily.

9/10 “Yes, Ribbit And Rip It Indeed.”


Holliway is Jennifer’s boss at the law firm, and though he doesn’t stand out as big personality like the other characters, that’s sort of the point. He is a very business-minded person, seeming totally uninterested in anything else going on.

But while he barely shows any emotion at any time, Holliway’s brief moment of enthusiasm is quite unexpected. As Jennifer is forced to represent the lackluster crimefighter Leapfrog, she sarcastically uses his lame catchphrase, which Holliway repeats with surprising vigor.

8/10 “Look, I Didn’t Mean To…”


Todd is introduced as one of the lackluster dates Jennifer goes on before returning as one of She-Hulk’s lawyer clients. He is a pompous, small-minded and self-absorbed man who takes any opportunity to demonstrate how impressive he is.

However, Todd is also revealed to be the leader of the Intelligencia, and when he is arrested for his crimes, that sense of pride disappears immediately. It is hard to believe that someone so entitled would apologize so quickly, but it is satisfying to see.

7/10 “Oh And I Made You A Little Something Extra.”


Luke is another standout supporting character in She-Hulk as the designer for the superheroes. He is very practical at making these stylish yet functional suits, but his talents also make him a very prickly person who rarely has a nice thing to say.

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However, when Jennifer goes to pick up one of her dresses, Luke surprises her with an extra item he made for her. This random act of kindness doesn’t seem to fit Luke’s very standoffish personality.

6/10 “It’s A Little Fun.”


Mallory is one of the smartest characters on She-Hulk and likely the best lawyer. She is always professional, even refusing to see Jennifer as a friend or colleague while she was representing her in a case.

Yet when it comes to her divorce case with the superpowered Mr. Immortal, Mallory shows that there are moments where she drops her professional side. When gleefully telling Mr. Immortal that he’ll need to pay big for his multiple settlements, she admits to him and herself that she is actually having fun with this.

5/10 “Oh You Think This Is Funny?!”


The first villain She-Hulk dealt with in court is Titania, a vapid and self-centered superpowered influencer. She puts on a fake persona as a beautiful, confident, and powerful person while also facing She-Hulk with a sense of superiority.

That makes it so satisfying to see Titania taken down a peg when she tries to battle She-Hulk at a wedding. When she is humiliated in front of everyone, her cool persona quickly dissolves. For the first time, Titania doesn’t like all the attention on her.

4/10 “I Feel So Much Shame.”


Nikki is one of the most likable characters on She-Hulk and Jennifer’s best friend. She seems to have an effortless coolness to her, walks into every situation with so much confidence, and always seems in control.

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But fans do see that backfire once when Nikki and Pug seek out Luke’s secret business. Trying to play it cool, she speaks to the supposed “inside man” in Chinese only for him to explain that he’s not Chinese. Even Nikki has to admit shame in that situation.

3/10 “Strictly For Profit.”


Though Emil Blonsky is another one of She-Hulk‘s gamma-mutated characters, he spends most of his time in human form. Not only is that an agreement of his parole, but it also fits his more peaceful and spiritual life outside of prison.

However, the finale reveals that Blonsky has been transforming into Abomination for speaking engagements but ensures Jennifer it is purely financially motivated. It is an oddly self-centered confession from the “new and improved” Blonsky.

2/10 “All Buzz No Puke.”


Though he only makes small appearances in the show, Bruce Banner aka Hulk is a very helpful person in Jennifer’s journey to accepting her new life as She-Hulk. He walks her through all the challenges and even perks of being a Hulk.

But when Bruce highlights the benefit of being able to drink more as a Hulk, it feels out of character for him. Though Bruce has gotten more comedic over time, he still feels like a goofy nerd who wouldn’t really care about how hard he can party.

1/10 “And I’m Sorry I Said A Bunch Of Harsh But Very True Things.”


Despite being cousins, Jennifer and Bruce didn’t always get along when Bruce took her through “Hulk boot camp.” Given the immense life-changing event she is facing, it is understandable that Jennifer loses her temper at times.

However, when she attacks Bruce with some very personal and biting insults, it feels quite the opposite of her normally nice, rational, and caring personality. Even more shocking, when she finally apologizes, she doubles down on the insult for no reason.

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