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Who Plays Michael Myers In Halloween Ends

Halloween Ends marks the final appearance of Michael Myers in the H40 trilogy, but the actor behind the slasher villain may surprise you.

The following contains spoilers for Halloween Ends.Because Michael Myers wears a mask in Halloween Ends and the other Halloween films, it isn’t exactly obvious who plays the slasher villain in the H40 trilogy. While there is never really a great look at the killer’s face, there is an actor that dons the mask in each film. From what audiences can tell when there is a brief glimpse of Myers’s face, he is portrayed by a middle-aged man, but little else can be determined. In part, because the burns that Michael Myers suffered at the end of 2018’s Halloween, also make his portrayer’s appearance even less recognizable.


The actor behind the Michael Myers famous mask in Halloween Ends is James Jude Courtney, who also portrayed the killer in the other films in David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy. Michael Myers never talks in Halloween or its various sequels, but Courtney is able to give an intimidating performance that makes viewers squirm in their seats whenever Myers appears onscreen. Also known as The Shape, Michael Myers is portrayed by many actors throughout the Halloween saga, and while Courtney is the primary actor in the latest entry, he is not the only Myers to appear in Halloween Ends.

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Nick Castle’s Halloween Ends Cameo Explained

The first actor to bring Michael Myers to the big screen in the original 1978 Halloween film was Nick Castle, and he returned for Halloween Ends to provide voiceover work for Myers’s breathing sounds. Castle also makes an onscreen appearance as a partygoer at the Halloween party that Allyson and Corey attend in Haddonfield. His character wears a trench coat that he eventually opens up when he bumps into Corey, revealing a bodysuit covered in a variety of human organs. He then asks Corey if he saw anything that he liked.

Nick Castle’s return to the Halloween franchise was one of many franchise references in Halloween Ends. Castle made another cameo appearance in 2018’s Halloween and its sequel Halloween Kills. In the former film, the actor’s cameo was as a masked Michael Myers, but James Jude Courtney portrayed Myers for most of his scenes. Halloween Kills saw Castle cameo as Michael Myers once again, but he was hidden in a dark closet. If this scene doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because it was actually a deleted scene that eventually saw the light of day upon its home video release.

Will James Jude Courtney Ever Play Michael Myers Again?

After portraying Michael Myers for an entire trilogy and wrapping up the villain’s seemingly never-ending story, it’s safe to say that James Jude Courtney will not likely play the Haddonfield killer again. Michael Myers died in Halloween Ends, so to bring him back would only cheapen how his story ended. While the character could return in future films that take place in other timelines, Courtney will not play Myers again. The actor stated that both him and Jamie Lee Curtis are “done” portraying their characters, stating they’re not “spring chickens“, and they can now focus on other projects in their careers. Courtney also compared Halloween Ends to the Super Bowl, and the film went out with a bang, so there’s no reason for him to continue that story further.

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