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10 Comic Storylines That Should Be Further Explored By The DCEU

Warning: The following article contains major spoilers for Black Adam!The DC Extended Universe has received another notable addition with the recently released Black Adam; while the eagerly awaited film has opened to lukewarm reviews, earning 42% on Rotten Tomatoes (as of today), it has still succeeded in establishing Black Adam’s importance as an anti-hero and bringing forth many exciting new comic book characters and plot lines into the franchise.


From Adrianna and Amon’s transformation into Isis and Osiris to Doctor Fate’s life and friendship with Hawkman, Black Adam has introduced many great comic book storylines that deserve to be further explored in the DCEU.

Eternium Vs. The Powers Of Shazam Should Be Explored In The DCEU More

Despite showing its strength and value, Black Adam does not delve into the importance of the recurring metal Eternium (which is desperately sought-after and incredibly powerful, harming even the overpowerful anti-hero and fueling the Crown of Sabbac).

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In the comics, Eternium proves to be kryptonite for those who hold the powers of Shazam, (shown briefly in the film when Black Adam gets harmed by it). Given the metals immense power and unexplained abilities, combined with the upcoming Shazam! sequel, it would be worthwhile for the DCEU to give Eternium more importance and screen time, evening out the playing field for the superheroes’ enemies.

DCEU Fans Would Love To See The Justice Society Of America Explored More

The DCEU’s Black Adam did for the Justice Society of America what the MCU’s Multiverse of Madness did for the Illuminati: offer them a brief introduction, fail to dive into their backstories and importance, and leave audiences wanting more.

The JSA have a very prominent role in the DC comics, serving as one of the earliest and most popular superhero groups. While Black Adam offers them a quick debut, there are numerous story arcs (including the JSA’s own comic book series) for the DCEU to properly explore, not to mention the many JSA members that deserve the DCEU treatment.

The Intergang Outside Of Kahndaq Has Got DCEU Fans Curious

Although Black Adam introduces the Intergang as an oppressive group enforcing tyranny and injustice over Kahndaq, in the comic books, they operate on a much larger and organized scale, showing up in various story arcs spanning the tales of various famous characters (such as Superman‘s Lex Luthor).

Further depiction of the Intergang’s existence in the DCEU would not only line up another appearance for its new anti-hero, but it would also allow the franchise to connect Black Adam more concretely with the world of the Justice League through the Intergang’s relation with Darkseid.

DCEU Would Like To See More Of Isis And Osiris

While the appearance of Isis, Black Adam’s love, was one of the things fans wanted to see in Black Adam, instead they got the form of Adrianna Tomaz, who encourages Black Adam to use his powers and darkness toward good and justice.

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In the comics, Adrianna receives an amulet from Black Adam that allows her to channel the powers of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Her brother (turned son in the film), Amon, was also bestowed superhero powers to become Osiris. Given their prominence in the film, hopefully, the DCEU explores their arcs further especially as they empower two otherwise oppressed but strong-willed civilians.

DCEU Fans Are Curious About Doctor Fate’s Powers

There are many things only comic books fan know about Doctor Fate, especially since little is divulged about the superhero in the new DCEU film.

While his backstory, origins, and vast powers are not explored well in Black Adam, Doctor Fate plays a major role in the DC comic book world, both as a founding member of the JSA and his various team-ups and allies. Although Kent Nelson’s Doctor Fate dies during the film’s climax, this is the perfect opportunity for the DCEU to introduce his grandnephew, Khalid Nassour, who takes up the mantle and fits the DCEU’s younger ensemble of superheroes.

DCEU Fans Would Like To See Shazam Vs. Black AdamImage of Black Adam on left, Billy Batson on right, divided by Shazam symbol

Billy Batson has faced off against Black Adam numerous times in the DC comic books, and the DCEU would benefit from exploring at least one of those comic book storylines in an upcoming project.

Given their paralleled powers, fundamentally opposite demeanors, and yet overlapping traits and morals, the two would be formidable opponents, with their similarities making them one of the showdowns DCEU fans want to see. Plus, with the recent release of Black Adam and the 2023 release of Shazam! The Fury of the Gods, an upcoming on-screen adaptation of one of their memorable fights would optimize their existing hype.

DCEU Fans Would Like The Writers To Explore Cyclone’s Origins In More Depth

While Maxine Hunkel plays a smaller role in Black Adam than Hawkman and Doctor Fate, her intriguing family history and power origins are worth exploring (especially if the young JSA member is to make future appearances within the DCEU).

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From her relation to the DC’s Red Tornado to her family legacy in the JSA, Cyclone has an interesting progression from a superhero idolizing youngster to a confident, optimistic, and thriving member of DC’s world of justice and order. Plus, her youthful energy and prodigy nature could mirror that the MCU’s Riri Williams.

Black Adam Vs. Superman Is A Fight DCEU Fans Want To See A Lot

The mid-credit scene in Black Adam revealed the return of Henry Cavill as Superman. The motive behind his cameo is yet unclear as fans must wait to see if Superman is posited as Black Adam’s ally or foe.

While having Superman peacefully reason with Black Adam would still be an entertaining move for the DCEU, having the franchise showcase one of the infamous comic book showdowns would be far more iconic and profitable for them – especially considering how Superman is one of the most powerful heroes Black Adam defeats in the comics.

DCEU Fans Would Like To See Hawkman’s Rise And Leading Of The JSA

Despite playing a pivotal role in the narrative of Black Adam, very little of Carter Hall’s background is shown in the film, beside his firm belief in the justice system shown through his constant condemning of Black Adam’s ways.

There are many interesting things comic book know about Hawkman – such as his Nth metal suit and many incarnations – that would make his backstory and life in Lousiana worthy of further exploration in the DCEU (especially since his story is tightly interwoven with many other characters, such as Sandman, Green Arrow, and Doctor Fate).

The Outsiders Should Be Explored Further In The DCEU

While Sabbac is posited as the main villain in Black Adam, this version of the villain is an antagonist in a few other DC comic book plots, most notably fighting against the Outsiders who also feature in a few of Black Adam’s arcs.

The Outsiders are an ever-changing, justice-serving group of superheros that were formed by Batman but represented a more morally-complex group than the Justice League or the JSA. Despite Sabbac’s defeat, now would still be an opportune time to introduce the group into the DCEU, (especially on the heels of Black Adam, an anti-hero who reflects their darker and more blunt approach to justice).

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