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Which Black Adam Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The release of Black Adam has once again triggered the never-ending debate of whether the opinions of critics matter. And the debate makes even more sense this time since, despite the movie having an unimpressive critic score of 39% on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences have awarded it 90%. Fan appreciation can also be seen through the high box office figures.

When viewed from the lens of a professional critic, the movie does indeed have a couple of flaws but one area where it doesn’t go wrong is in the characters. Though most of them are superheroes and supervillains, they are all very relatable, especially when examined through Zodiac signs.


Aries – Teth-Adam

Aries’ members are fearless, competitive, and passionate. As for weaknesses, they are reckless, impatient, and impulsive, attributes that fit Teth-Adam.

Adam’s courage becomes evident right from the opening minutes when he takes on troops belonging to one of the most ruthless DC villain groups, Intergang. He has a high opinion of himself too as he keeps reminding everyone that “no one in this world can defeat” him. But as cool a character as Adam is, he could use some self-control since crashing through walls of residential buildings and beating up heroes that are trying to do good does make him appear inconsiderate.

Taurus – Hawkman

Individuals that align with the Taurus constellation are dependable, practical, and dedicated like Hawkman. Contrarily, they are stubborn, obsessive, and naïve.

It’s no surprise that Hawkman is the one Amanda Waller counts on the most to get the job done. She knows he won’t fail her. And during the JSA’s quest to stop Teth-Adam, he shows extreme dedication. Still, as good as his intentions are, it takes a while for him to get on the same page with Adam, who means no harm to the people. As such, the two engage in unnecessary brutal fights.

Gemini – Amon Tomaz

Geminis are charming, funny, innovative, and adaptable. But like Amon, they are also restless, double-faced, and inconsistent.

Amon also establishes himself as one of the most reliable child sidekicks in his very first scene where he tricks Intergang soldiers into letting his mother and uncle pass a roadblock. And thanks to his charming nature, he is able to make the rather stern Teth-Adam warm up to him. The character is a bit too lively too, to the point some might find him annoying.

Cancer – Karim

Given how caring and compassionate the members are, Cancer has been labeled the “Maternal Zodiac.” In the movie, Amon’s uncle, Karim, is the perfect Cancer. However, Cancers don’t lack undesirable traits. They are overly sentimental, possessive, and occasionally spiteful.

Karim isn’t willing to accept that his wife left him. He keeps talking about it and always makes sure to blast “Baby Come Back” on the speakers of his van. But other than this minor blemish in his personality, Karim is a nice person. Throughout the events, he is constantly keen on the welfare of his sister and nephew.

Leo – Atom Smasher

Among all Zodiac signs, Leo has the most optimistic members. Confidence is a common trait among them too as is the case with one of the coolest size-changing characters, Atom Smasher. Leos have negative attributes too, such as inflated egos, aggressiveness, and self-centeredness.

Atom Smasher shows a lot of youthful optimism when dealing with the threats, to the point where even the most serious of fights seem like play to him. And since he knows that enemies are no match for him whenever he increases his size, he is never afraid to go to battle. Sadly, his aggressiveness causes him to damage crucial roads in a country that is already lacking in infrastructure.

Virgo – Cyclone

Virgos are workaholics. They are very analytical too hence they solve problems easily. However, they never set aside time to enjoy themselves.

For Cyclone, it’s all about getting the job done. She is at the forefront of every mission, using her Aerokinesis abilities to give enemies a hard time. But she is rarely seen bantering like her fellow JSA members. And even though it’s rumored that she once had a passion for dancing, she never makes time for it.

Libra – Doctor Fate

Libras are fair, social, and diplomatic. Since they are always friendly, they always make great team players. On bad days, they are self-indulgent and quite intolerant. These attributes fit one of the most powerful wizards in superhero media, Doctor Fate.

Fate has an excellent relationship with the rest of the JSA members. And he works so well with others to the point that he even alters events, so he can be the one to die instead of his teammate, Hawkman. His good demeanor aside, he is so keen on doing things his own way that he even uses a helmet barrier to stop his fellow JSA members from helping him fight Sabbac.

Scorpio – Sabbac

Scorpios are self-driven, intuitive, and determined. But they can be malicious, ruthless, and vengeful too, just like the villain, Sabbac.

Sabbac’s maliciousness is seen in the manner in which his organization, the Intergang, handles the citizens. There are unnecessary curfews and most basic human rights are stripped. Nonetheless, it’s hard not to admire his determination in his quest to acquire the Crown of Sabbac and get the powers of the gods. It’s something he easily achieves, before being subjected to a routine villain defeat.

Sagittarius – Superman

Sagittarians are adventurous, honest, chatty, and loyal. As for weaknesses, they are blunt, overconfident, and cunning. Some of these mannerisms fit Superman in the movie.

Superman enjoys globetrotting and planet-trotting hence it’s no surprise that he is more than happy to head to Kahndaq at Amanda Waller’s request. Additonally, he appears eager to establish some form of camaraderie with Teth-Adam instead of just fighting him. However, going to Kahndaq by himself shows he is confident about handling the antihero in case something goes wrong whereas that’s not a guarantee.

Capricorn – Amanda Waller

Capricorns enjoy guiding, advising, and enforcing. They thus tend to thrive when placed in leadership roles. Contrariwise, they are known to be condescending.

As the Director of A.R.G.U.S, Amanda is always quick to task superhero groups with taking care of problems. It’s why she quickly sends the Justice Society of America to handle Teth-Adam. However, when she tells Adam that he is never to leave Kahndaq, she comes off as very patronizing because freedom of movement is a right for everyone.

Aquarius – Hurut

Aquarius is known as the “Smart Zodiac” because members are wise and progressive in the same manner that Teth-Adam’s son, Hurut. Aquarians are known to be very rebellious and pessimistic too,

Hurut’s progressive and rebellious nature is demonstrated all at once. Eager to see a change in ancient Kahndaq, Hurut is the first to go against the tyrannical ruler, It’s something he pays dearly for but it’s also something that places his nation on the path to freedom. He is thus always remembered as a legend.

Pisces – Adrianna Tomaz

Pisces has been labeled “The Artistic Zodiac” because members are not only creative but they also love anything art-related. They are gracious and good-hearted too. But they can also be sensitive, indecisive, and inattentive. The university professor, Adrianna fits the description.

Adrianna is so obsessed with the relic, the Crown of Sabbac, that she risks her life to go and get it. She also wants the best for the people Kahndaq too, that’s why she also doubles as a resistance member. But as likable as Tomaz is, she is too attached to her beliefs to the point where she feels offended whenever anyone disputes her views about the importance of ancient artifacts.

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