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10 Horror Movies That Aren’t Suitable For Halloween, According To Reddit

News that the V/H/S found footage series will be releasing its latest sequel, V/H/S/99 on October 20, 2022 is a genuine Halloween treat for some horror fans. WIth a wide variety of films to choose from, the Halloween season is one of the best times of the year for horror devotees. Some of the greatest horror films of all time are actually set at Halloween, which makes watching them during this time a fun and somewhat immersive experience.

But of course, the horror genre is a very diverse one, with sub-genres upon sub-genres to choose from. Not every horror movie is necessarily a perfect fit for Halloween. Instead, there are horror films that simply feel out of place in this setting. In order to get a better look at which films aren’t suitable for the spookiest time of year, some Redditors have highlighted the movies they believe don’t work at Halloween.


Jack Frost (1997)

After a serial killer is involved in an accident with a genetic research truck and subsequently doused in suspect fluids, he’s transformed into a sadistic snowman called Jack Frost. That plot might sound awful to some, but as Redditor Itchy_Tasty88 makes clear with “Jack Frost”, to others it’s perfect non-Halloween horror.

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While it is true that Jack Frost doesn’t feel like a Halloween movie, even some dedicated horror fans would hesitate to consider it a worthwhile watch – at any time. Granted, the film has become a wintry cult favorite since its initial straight-to-video release, but for those who do feel it’s worth it, Halloween just isn’t the time for this one.

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972)

When the inhabitants of the small town of East Willard come together on Christmas Eve to buy a local mansion, the residence’s dark past comes to light – along with its lethal present. Redditor SmallDarkCloud adds the film with, “Silent Night, Bloody Night.”

Because it was never registered with the United States Copyright Office, Silent Night, Bloody Night remains in the public domain and can be easily viewed for free. In this way, it hasn’t really developed a particular seasonal niche. Regardless, Silent, Night, Bloody Night has still gained a following – some of whom don’t think it works well at Halloween.

Graduation Day (1981)

This early teen slasher tells the story of a killing spree at a high school, with the killer focusing on the members of the school’s track team in the week leading up to graduation day. Redditor thisgirlnamedbree wants to avoid the film at Halloween, simply saying, “Graduation Day” is not “a Halloween watch.”

At its core, Graduation Day is really nothing more than the same classic slasher tropes used by legendary Halloween favorites like the Friday the 13th or Halloween franchises. The difference is that the film’s end of school/graduation theme makes it more fun in the summer months, when school ending/graduation are most appreciated.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

This Finnish horror film takes Christmas mythology in an entirely new direction, turning the entire story of Santa Claus into something to be feared rather than celebrated. Redditor NomDePlume007 makes it their selection with, “Rare Exports (2010)! – One of my favorite movies to watch around Christmas.”

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With its Santa Claus plot, reindeer and tongue-in-cheek black humor, Rare Exports is not an ideal choice for Halloween viewing. The film might carry with it several classic horror tropes, but it doesn’t offer the same mood or tone as more traditional horror fare does. This isn’t to say that it isn’t worth a look – only that it deserves a more festive screening.

Krampus (2015)

Hardly recognized as a Christmas season must-watch for most, this film sees the return of the mythical “shadow of Saint Nicholas” – a terrifying beast named Krampus. When it comes to viewing the film, Redditor Crescent _Luna doesn’t consider Halloween, saying, “Krampus (2015) has become a must-watch for me in December during the Christmas season.”

Given that Krampus is actual folklore and not just something manufactured for the benefit of a horror film, there is a certain necessity in watching it at the right time of year. This isn’t set in stone, of course, but the setting and tone are essential to Krampus. As a result, watching this one at Halloween just doesn’t feel right.

Gremlins (1984)

Another Steven Spielberg treat, though this time with the celebrated filmmaker taking on producing duties, Gremlins offers viewers hundreds of delinquent little beasts run amok in a small American town. Redditor ughdaylight says, “I always preferred Gremlins as a movie to watch sometime in December.”

The sole reason that Gremlins has the plot that it does is thanks to it being Christmas and Billy Peltzer being given the gift of a mogwai. From there on in, everything that shouldn’t happen does, leading to a gremlin infestation. The film certainly doesn’t feel like a solid Halloween pick, especially given how prominent Christmas is within it.

Black Christmas (1974)

Initially disregarded upon its initial release, Black Christmas has since gone on to become revered as one of the greatest horror films of all time, as well as one of the first clear examples of the slasher genre. Redditor Okeeeey chooses the film, saying, ‘Black Christmas.”

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The film takes place within a girl’s sorority during the Christmas season, as a serial killer runs rampant. With its academic setting during Christmas, Black Christmas feels removed from the standard stormy night autumn night setting of so many Halloween-friendly films. However, it’s also fair to argue that the film can be watched anytime due to its classic status.

Santa’s Slay (2005)

This ridiculous Christmas film sees Santa return as the spawn of Satan, in a horror tale that gets points for its inventive festive season slayings. Redditor chad2448 explains their pick, saying, “Santa’s slay. Pretty funny if you like that sort of goofy horror comedy stuff.”

There’s no missing the Christmas references in Santa’s Slay, from its title right down to its aforementioned murder. And whether this makes the film interesting or even good is beside the point when it’s clear that this in no way, shape or form a great choice for Halloween.

Jaws (1975)

Decades after launching Steven Spielberg’s career in a massive way, Jaws remains a spectacular, frightening achievement that’s endlessly fun to watch. But Redditor Itchy_Tasty88 won’t be watching it at Halloween, saying, “jaws (I watch it every 4th of July).”

Just as some horror films work best at Halloween, others, like Jaws, find that their strengths are at their peak during the summer months. Jaws has been responsible for countless shark phobias over the years, making a trip to the beach akin to a night in a haunted house for many. In terms of pure fear mileage, Jaws is best watched in the summer.

Get Out (2017)

It might be hard to imagine Get Out filmmaker and horror devotee Jordan Peele caring if his Oscar-winning gem was viewed at Halloween or not, but the film offers so much more than just seasonal appeal. Redditor Flyawaylittlemonkey says, “Get Out is pretty good. Less out and out horror than psychological tension.”

There is indeed plenty of psychological tension within Get Out, and the more this reveals itself, the less the film feels like it stacks up alongside films that are at their best during Halloween. Get Out is engaging with much to unpack – the likes of which makes repeat viewings a particularly rewarding and immersive experience.

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