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Married At First Sight Season 15 Decision Day SPOILERS

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS!!!!

Married at First Sight season 15 has finally concluded, after three months of dramatic and emotional moments, which means that it’s time to reveal whether the five couples agreed to stay together, or get divorced on Decision Day. There have been dozens of “blind marriages” arranged since the first season of MAFS aired in 2014, and although Jamie Otis Hehner and Doug Hehner have remained the series’ biggest success story, most unions don’t work out. Despite every couple being handpicked for marriage by the MAFS relationship experts, incompatibility runs rampant, and as of October 2022, only 13 out of 54 duos remain married.


While MAFS season 14 had its fair share of problems, MAFS season 15 has faced a lot of criticism from viewers and critics alike. Many fans agree that most of the five couples on MAFS season 15 are unlikeable, and complained that the experts (Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pia Holec, and DeVon Franklin) didn’t have the cast members’ best interests at heart. Although the recent season was even condemned as unwatchable, that didn’t stop viewers from guessing which couples would make it past Decision Day, and who would call it quits. Keep reading to find out how each marriage fared on MAFS season 15 Decision Day.

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Stacia Karcher & Nate Barnes: Stay Married

Although Stacia and Nate were physically compatible, and even got matching tattoos, their biggest problems throughout MAFS season 15 were Stacia’s trust issues, and Nate’s communication skills. Despite their rough start, Stacia and Nate frequently reaffirmed that they were committed to working on their marriage. On Decision Day, the couple agreed that they wanted to stay together after MAFS.

Lindy Elloway & Miguel Santiago: Stay Married

Lindy and Miguel were the early frontrunners of MAFS season 15, so it should come as no surprise that the couple chose to stay together on Decision Day. Although Lindy and Miguel clashed over Miguel’s insecurities, and impatience with Lindy’s distractibility, MAFS fans loved it when the couple let their hair down, and had fun playing Miguel’s favorite game, Dungeons & Dragons.

Krysten Collins & Mitch Silverstein: Get Divorced

Although viewers thought that Lindy and Miguel would work out by the end of MAFS season 15, they expected Krysten and Mitch to part ways. While fans (and other MAFS stars) considered Krysten to be a good wife, Mitch was routinely criticized for being immature, self-centered, and generally unfit for marriage. Unfortunately, Krysten and Mitch’s obvious incompatibility aligned perfectly with their initial introductions on MAFS season 15. On Decision Day, Krysten and Mitch agreed to amicably divorce.

Alexis Mitchell & Justin Hall: Get Divorced (Alexis)

Alexis and Justin were good at handling conflicts throughout MAFS season 15, but while Alexis was originally a fan favorite, most viewers agreed that Justin was more invested in their marriage. As the installment continued, Alexis was criticized for meddling in other people’s relationships, while Justin lacked critical self-awareness. Despite their flaws, Justin and Alexis originally agreed to stay married on Decision Day. However, when the couple immediately argued afterwards, it was clear that Alexis had second thoughts. After a second clash that evening, she reversed her decision, and announced that she wanted to divorce Justin.

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Morgan Bell & Binh Trinh: Separated Before Decision Day

Morgan and Binh became the Allyssa Ellman and Chris Collette of MAFS season 14, when they agreed to divorce halfway through the experiment. Morgan and Binh’s marriage started off on the wrong foot, as their wedding was delayed due to COVID, and unfortunately, the couple never really hit the ground running. Morgan and Binh didn’t reconcile completely after their first argument on their honeymoon, and as time went on, viewers criticized her anger issues, and Binh’s alleged comments about Morgan to Justin. In the end, only two couples made it to “the other side” on Married at First Sight season 15, although it’s hard to say how long they will stick together.

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