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10 Annoying Things Redditors Hate Most About Video Games

With video games such as A Plague Tale: Requiem being released to rave reviews from critics and fans, it is clear that gaming is at a high point these days. Even so, some aspects of playing video games are so annoying that they are absolutely hated by most gamers.

Whether it is unfair pay-to-win features in AAA titles or frustrating level types, gamers aren’t afraid to mention the parts of their hobby that they cannot stand. While plenty of frustrations exist in video gaming, users on Reddit took to the internet to call out the things they hate the most about playing video games.


Busy Work Missions

Even though games have become massive in scope in recent years, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are fleshed out in the most clever way. User Harruq_Tun summed up their annoyance when they cited “30 hour games, stretched to 100 hour games by filling the map with repetitive busy work.”

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The most common way that games extend their running time is through things like fetch quests, and even highly regarded titles like Fallout 4 are guilty of the transgression. While any kind of mission can be done well, many games get lazy with their design and fall back on repetitive missions that make the player feel like they wasted their time.


Gaming is a personalized experience, and while some players want to be challenged mercilessly, others simply want to relax and enjoy themselves. Feeling left out of some games, user MajDroid wrote that they hate “games with steep learning curve.”

Though subjective, the steep learning curve of some of the hardest games of all time makes them nearly inaccessible to some players. Whether it is a lack of time to invest in practicing or the desire to simply chill while playing a game, a lot of excellent titles have alienated players by being too difficult.

Underwater Levels

Even the best games have levels that annoy gamers, but there are some level design choices that are universally reviled within the community. User JoelsCaddy didn’t have a lot to say while making their point, simply calling out “underwater levels” when naming what they hate the most.

From their difficult controls to their frustrating physics, water levels have ruined great games in the past. Franchises like The Legend of Zelda have several notorious water levels that have had players rage-quitting for generations. While they aren’t as common today as in years past, an ill-timed water level is still many gamers’ worst nightmare.

Cutscenes That Can’t Be Skipped

The better a game is, the more it encourages players to come back and play it over and over again. However, some aspects aren’t necessary on the second go around, as user Desperate-Fix-9930 explained when they commented, “Games need to give you the option to skip a cutscene.”

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With the tech improving year after year, the storytelling capabilities of cutscenes have caused many of them to balloon to unbelievable proportions. On the first playthrough, they are essential to giving out plot information, but for a seasoned gamer, they become an overlong nuisance that ruins the flow of the game.

Quantity Over Quality

Crafting great video games is a subtle art form, and a balance must be struck between the story and the actual act of playing the game. A deleted user saw a disconnect in the thing they hate most about gaming, writing, “The focus of most developers on open world games is bigger worlds and more content without really any attention to whether the content is good.”

While the term “good” is entirely subjective, the user makes a good point about the ideas of quantity and quality. Games can have massive worlds and huge scopes, but if the actual experience of exploring that world is boring, it hasn’t succeeded as a game.

Lack Of Single Player Experiences

Horror games have garnered a bevy of unpopular opinions all their own, but one modern problem has united the gaming community regardless of the genre. A deleted user spoke for many players when they commented that they have a problem with “all the decent looking horror games on steam being multiplayer.”

Some players love to engage in the social experience of a multiplayer game, but a large portion of the community wants something a bit more singular. In the past, games would simply have both, but many modern titles have switched to a multiplayer exclusive format. Titles like Dead by Daylight have been very popular, but they have left single-player gamers out in the cold.

Escort Missions

Some gripes that gamers have with gaming are gigantic issues that strike at the heart of the industry, while others are needling little pet peeves that get under players’ skin. User SPQR_Maximus mentioned something of the pet peeve when they described the typical video game escort quest as “keep this person safe … when they will do nothing to help themselves.”

Fairness is a big issue with many players, and escort missions can often feel very unfair. When the player is made responsible for an NPC character, they cannot control how the game will make them act, and that is where the frustration starts to set in. While games like Halo have some of the best escort missions in gaming history, most are annoying messes that can ruin a gaming experience.

Quick Time Events

Game mechanics vary from title to title, and some have devised truly clever ways to enhance the typical gaming experience. User Bitbatgaming went in the opposite direction and called out a hated mechanic when simply stating, “Quick time events.”

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QTEs have been a part of gaming for decades, and gamers have been frustrated with them going as far back as arcade titles like Dragon’s Lair. They can offer a challenge when it comes to response times, but often they come off as unfair and require a gamer to memorize what is going to happen in order to progress in the game. In the old days, that would mean shelling out handfuls of quarters into the machine in order to beat it.

Forced Online Play

Completing a game is one of the most rewarding experiences for any player, but some games try their best to make that as difficult as possible. User themark504 voiced their frustrations with completing games, commenting, “Having to play online modes to achieve 100% completion”.

Online gaming has broadened the horizons of the medium, but not every player is on board with online play. Whether connection issues limit them, or they simply don’t want to pay additional money to play, many gamers feel like they have their hands tied. Online modes are a great addition to the gameplay but making it a requirement isn’t fair to the audience of loyal customers.


Perhaps the most controversial element in gaming history, microtransactions are universally reviled by everyone in the gaming community. Illustrating only one small part of the microtransaction problem, Reddit user DiscussionLoose8390 said they hate “games like Roblox that prey on small children that have no sense of money to make purchases.” The user added, “Its the predatory nature of the games.”

Aside from the obvious issue of tricking children into spending their parents’ money, microtransactions also betray the entire purpose of gaming. When they allow players to pay-to-win they eliminate fairness entirely, and when they are required to get the most out of the game they are gouging the player to spend more on a game they already bought.

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