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Superman’s Ultimate Superhero Fight Isn’t Actually Against Batman

The most famous interpersonal hero fight has always been Superman versus Batman, but in reality Aquaman would be a much more worthy match for the Man of Steel. While they haven’t directly battled yet, Aquaman has proven many times that he could hold a candle to Kal-El with massive displays of power. He is a hero who is much stronger than some comic readers believe him to be and has shown that his strongest abilities are from the mind.

Though not entirely the same, Aquaman and Superman have some very similar powers, such as super-strength and bulletproof skin, both of which vary in level between the two. However, it’s not the similarities that would create a good matchup, it’s the differences. Aquaman’s telepathy is a powerful tool that has once already displayed dominance over the Man of Steel and plenty of others.


Related: Aquaman vs Namor Exposed the Deadliest Avenger’s One WeaknessThe mental fortitude of Aquaman is a strength so rarely discussed in comic history, but ultimately is his best weapon in the fight against Superman. If not for his strong mental prowess, his telepathy would still be reduced to talking to and controlling sea creatures. As he has progressed and gained strength, Arthur’s telepathic abilities have extended past sea creatures to the world of land mammals that have long since evolved from oceanic life, no matter the planet. In Aquaman (2016) #47 by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Sunny Gho, Clayton Cowles, and Andrea Shea, Aquaman is even shown to have progressed so much in this ability that his telepathy connects him to all life in the universe. While this in itself is no easy task, simply communicating with someone mentally is not the move that would ultimately sway a battle against Superman in his favor.

Aquaman’s ‘Talking to Fish’ Power Could Let Him Take Down Superman Easily

Aquaman’s telepathy doesn’t just give him the ability to “talk to” people, it also extends to controlling someone. In many iterations Arthur has taken down his foes by rendering them helpless by simple mind control. In fact, he’s even done this to Superman once in DC Comics Presents #48 by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn, Irv Novick, Frank McLauglin, Ben Oda, Gene D’Angelo, and Julius Schwartz. In that issue, Aquaman uses his telepathy to take control over Superman’s body in order to use his powers against a common foe. Accomplishing what might seem impossible, Aquaman proves that he can make the Man of Steel vulnerable, and would provide a challenge worthy of Superman’s worst villains. The battle of the mind that would rage between the two heroes hangs solely upon their ability to combat one another mentally, and would show that physical strength and might is not the only key to a good fight. Aquaman could also wield a weapon against Superman that directly challenges the hero.

Aquaman’s Trident of Poseidon is made of DC’s strongest metal, prometheum. Having been gifted to him in Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth by Scott Snyder, Francis Manapul, Howard Porter, Scott Godlewski, and Tom Napolitano, the weapon gives him more powers. The trident gives him the ability to kill gods, and even though Superman isn’t technically a god, he is considered close to one on pure ability alone. Combined with his telepathy, Aquaman’s weapons and abilities would give Superman a run for his money and ultimately would create an incredibly hard challenge for the Kryptonian to face.

With Superman vulnerable, Aquaman could accomplish many things as he keeps his foe under control. This fight would be the key to answering who is actually the strongest hero in the DC Universe, and the hero no one expects is a worthy contender for the title. Superman’s ultimate opponent is Aquaman, who presents both a physical and mental challenge that Batman can’t compete with.

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