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10 Connections Between Annabelle & The Nun

The expansive universe within The Conjuring franchise is broad, with tons of characters that interconnect within a number of films, typically all tying back to one of the two Conjuring films. The Curse of La Llorona had a tie-in with Father Perez aiding the families in both this movie and the first Annabelle. Annabelle herself can also be seen a few times in the first Conjuring film. When watching The Conjuring movies in order, audiences see that Valak, the demon nun, is the main antagonist of The Conjuring 2 and The Nun.


While Annabelle and The Nun don’t have a ton of direct connections to one another, there are several Easter eggs and theories that make audiences believe that maybe these two spin-off films have more to do with each other than meets the eye.

Updated on October 26th, 2022 by Aya Tsintziras:

The Conjuring universe continues to get bigger with a fourth movie in the works and a sequel to The Nun. Fans wonder if the demon in The Nun is the same as Annabelle, and wonder how the films tie together. These are great questions, as there are a lot of connections between the movies in this popular horror franchise.

Prominent Demons In The Universe

Fans have seen a number of poltergeists and spirits within The Conjuring universe, including La Llorona, The Crooked Man, and Bathsheba, to name a few. But none of these creatures are ever said to be actual demons.

Only Valak and the demon who grips onto Annabelle are considered demons, and they have made an appearance in every Annabelle film. Both Valak and Annabelle’s demon seem to have it out for the Warrens, and they are the scariest entities in The Conjuring franchise. Valak targets Ed and Lorraine and follows Lorraine from the United States to England in The Conjuring 2. Annabelle goes after Judy Warren in Annabelle Comes Home.

The Annabelle: Creation End Credit Scene

Though the nun never makes an actual appearance in the Annabelle films, and Annabelle doesn’t make an appearance in The Nun, there is a post-credit scene at the end of Annabelle: Creation that alludes to Valak’s stand-alone film.

The end credit scene plays shortly after the last scene and shows a dark hallway in what appears to be an old cathedral. The hallway is dark, but it’s possible to see a figure of the nun walking closer and closer, with each candle extinguishing as the demon walks past them towards the camera. The scene goes black and the credits continue.

Sister Charlotte

This connection may take a rewatch or two to understand, but Sister Charlotte from Annabelle: Creation is tied to The Nun. The character looks at an old picture of herself at a convent in Romania with three other nuns. It’s possible to see Valak behind the characters, standing in the shadows and watching over them.

The films poorly explain the connections and never refer to Sister Charlotte again, but there are a few likely theories that make sense. It’s very creepy to realize this connection and see the demon staring at the nuns.

The Timeline

The Nun takes place exactly three years before Sister Charlotte and the girls arrive at the Mullins’ farm. In The Nun, Valak kills everyone there, and there are no survivors. This means that everyone in Sister Charlotte’s photograph should be dead, including her.

Instead, the character is still alive and lives across the world, perfectly fine and taking care of orphaned girls. It’s apparent that the character was at the convent when Valak first began to haunt them. This is clear from his appearance in the picture. How is it possible that she, and only she, was able to escape?

There Is More Than One Demon

There is a fan theory from Reddit that suggests that Sister Charlotte is actually possessed by Valak. The Redditor lists off the reasons why this theory makes sense and even goes as far as to argue against reasons why it may not make sense. Charlotte is never seen in The Nun but, because of the photo, fans know she was there at some point while Valak was active.

The Reddit post suggests that Valak simply wanted to set Annabelle’s demon free into the world. After the events of Creation, he goes on to terrorize the two families from the first film and then the Warrens themselves in Annabelle Comes Home.

The Same Photograph Hanging In The Convent

There are many hidden details fans missed in The Nun. In this movie, the same photograph can actually be seen hanging on the wall for a brief moment. However, Charlotte doesn’t appear in the film and neither do Sisters Marie, Anna, or Lucia. It’s noted that they were there during the year that The Nun takes place, so it’s strange that they are never mentioned again or seen.

It is also noted that Sister Charlotte didn’t remember that Valak was in the photo with them, or never noticed it before. It seems strange that she wouldn’t notice a demon or even a fourth person standing behind her and her friends in a photo.

Demonic Attachment

There is another theory that The Nun somehow managed to travel from the convent to the Warrens’ home through that picture. After all, Valak is a demon, and demons are known to have the ability to attach to items in The Conjuring universe, so this would make sense.

Maybe Valak attached itself to the photo Sister Charlotte had and then later to Annabelle as well. This explains why Valak could maybe only be seen in certain angles of the photo and why he wasn’t noticed.

The Warrens

Annabelle is one of the scariest paranormal villains, and the rest of The Conjuring franchise has many creepy figures. It’s possible that once the Warren couple has the Annabelle doll, they lock her away, which leads to the events of Annabelle Comes Home. But maybe before they did this, Valak was able to latch onto Lorraine Warren, which would explain why she keeps seeing the nun throughout the second Conjuring film.

Although it is implied that Valak and Lorraine met while she and her husband aided in the exorcism of Frenchy (who had been possessed by the nun in their film), maybe Valak has been looking to make its way to Lorraine much earlier than she anticipated.

Taissa And Vera Farmiga Star In The Franchise

Vera Farmiga is the star of The Conjuring universe. She plays Lorraine Warren in all the films, which are partially based on the real-life exploits of the Warren couple. What is interesting to note is the fact that the main protagonist of The Nun, Sister Irene, who also appears to be a clairvoyant like Lorraine, is none other than Taissa Farmiga, Vera’s younger sister.

This is probably just a coincidence, but with the possibility of The Nun 2, maybe Sister Irene and Lorraine have a deeper connection with one another. It has also been pointed out by a fan that in Irene’s passport she was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, which just so happens to be the same place that Lorraine Warren was born.


This Easter egg is worth mentioning: when Mia looks into the demon possessing Annabelle in the first movie, she stumbles upon a page with a snake eating its own tail. This symbol is known as an Ouroboros.

Valak is highly associated with snakes in The Conjuring, so the ouroboros becomes a repeated symbol for Valak throughout the films. It appears again next to the nun a few times in The Conjuring 2, and The Nun and this is another way that the franchise ties together.

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