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9 Hilarious Memes That Sum Up Michael And Jim’s Friendship

LEGO‘s 1164-piece The Office set ensures the classic workplace mockumentary remains in the spotlight. Included in this set are mini figurines of Dunder Mifflin staffers such as the bossman, Michael Scott, and the prankster, Jim Halpert. The said build is the perfect callback to some of the funniest fan-favorite characters, and locations from the acclaimed sitcom.

Out of the several interesting relationships on The Office, Michael and Jim’s dynamic had an edge of quirkiness to it. The relationship continues to be honored through many memes on the internet, and out of those, these nine are the most entertaining and accurate.


Jim Was Michael’s Favorite

Michael often snubbed Dwight and thought of him as an uncool eccentric guy. In “Sexual Harassment,” he compared him to Seinfeld‘s doofus, Cosmo Kramer.

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The Dwight-Michael dynamic draws a sharp contrast with the Michael-Jim dynamic. Michael thought of Jim as a cool guy, and his love for him never faltered. This meme encapsulates the fact that the bossman acted favorably towards Jim more so than Dwight. It points to the fact that Michael played favorites and tried to be more in tune with Jim than Dwight.

Problematic Energy Vs. Calm Demeanor

Michael’s problematic energy acted as a foil to Jim’s calm demeanor, and it prompted the latter to break the fourth wall by giving a smug sideways glance at the camera.

In season 6’s “The Promotion,” Dunder Mifflin, Scranton staffers were still adjusting to having both Michael and Jim as their bosses. Jim ran interference just when Michael called his staff members for another pointless conference room meeting. He reminded Michael that the meetings were a bit disruptive and Michael in response called him “Jimothy.” This meme simply points to Michael Scott’s knack for bungling sayings on The Office. Though he’d butchered Jim’s name this time around, the latter didn’t mind at all because he meant business that particular day. Jim and Michael could easily talk out their differences without making too big a deal out of things.


The episode, “Goodbye, Michael” features one of Michael Scott’s most wholesome moments on The Office. The plot, as the name suggests, revolves around Mr. Scott’s exit from Scranton. He decides to leave a day early without telling anyone, and thus bids individual goodbyes to each employee. Jim meanwhile gets to the bottom of his plan and confronts him about it in his office.

This meme is an ode to the evolution of Michael and Jim’s relationship. It’s a testament to the fact that Jim and Michael had perfectly navigated their relationship in a professional setting, and in the process, become very close friends.

The Perfect Cross-Over

Michael also loved Jim and Pam as individuals and as a couple. Early on in season 2’s “Booze Cruise,” he demonstrated that he was a good friend to Jim by motivating him to not give up on Pam. He was over the moon when the pair’s relationship was finally outed to the Dunder Mifflin staffers.

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Michael danced at Jim and Pam’s wedding, and he was there was they had a baby. This cross-over meme blends meme text of Game of ThronesCersei and Jamie Lannister and House of the Dragon’s Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen to point out that in Michael, Jim and Pam found their cheerleader. He offered them support, and love, and most of all celebrated their wins.

The Roast

The Office‘s “Stress Relief” is home to one of the times when fans rooted for Michael Scott. The bossman forces his employees to take him down to relieve office stress, but roast leaves him distressed. He leaves the warehouse and doesn’t show up to work the next morning.

Michael eventually does come back to take a jab at each of his employees. He starts off with his favorite, Jim, saying, “Jim, you’re 6’11, and you weigh 90 pounds. Gumby has a better body than you. Boom! Roasted!” This meme celebrates the fact that John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert, has shone in intense physical roles such as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Jim and Michael’s back-and-forth roast is proof that their relationship blossomed over time and that they could handle the playful exchange of teasing remarks with sensitivity.

From Boss-Employee To Partners In Crime

After learning Karen Filippelli was trying to poach Stanley Hudson, Michael and Dwight trick Jim into going down to Utica to steal their copier as revenge. They dress in warehouse uniforms and don fake mustaches and hope to go unnoticed. The trio’s plan ultimately backfires, and Karen reprimands them for their unprofessional behavior. The said episode – “Branch Wars,” marks one of the times in The Office when Jim and Dwight joined forces. The premise combines absurd with The Office‘s branch of cringe-worthy comedy.

This meme points out the fact that Michael and Jim’s relationship could easily switch from that of boss-employee to partners in crime. Though Jim was unwilling to join Michael in his sinister, unprofessional plan, he eventually gave in, and what’s more, agreed to Michael’s plan of disguising himself as a warehouse worker.

Michael’s Ridiculous Behavior And The Jim Halpert Face

In the season 3 finale of The Office, Michael, Jim, and Karen interview for a job at corporate. Michael thinks of himself as the most qualified person and demonstrates idiosyncratic behavior as the three wait for their turn to be interviewed.

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This meme encapsulates the fact that Michael was an outlandish boss, who couldn’t read the room, and his questionable behavior almost always led to Jim’s camera stares. While Michael acted completely oblivious to the demands of a work environment, as pointed out in the meme above, Jim couldn’t help but look into the camera to react to his inconceivable actions. The majority of Jim’s on-camera looks were a reaction to Michael’s ridiculous behavior, and while he couldn’t point it to Michael outright, he expressed it to the camera.

Michael Let It Slide

It is pertinent to mention Michael almost always lets Jim’s prank-playing on The Office slide. Accountability and responsibility weren’t his strong points, and he clearly favored Jim over Dwight.

The Office began with Michael asking Dwight to eat out his office stapler from the gelatin instead of holding the culprit, Jim, who’d encased it in the first place, responsible. Jim always took advantage of Michael’s lack of accountability, and the pilot is a great example of that direction.

Michael Vies For Jim’s Attention

In season 3’s “The Convention,” Jim, recently transferred to the Stamford branch, and his boss, Josh Porter head to Philadelphia for the Office Supply Convention. Meanwhile, Michael and Dwight participate on behalf of the Scranton branch. Michael is rather sad about Jim leaving Scranton for Stamford, and thus tries to one-up Josh whenever he gets the chance.

This meme text artfully compares Michael and Dwight’s reaction to the classic sitcom, Friends, to point out just how much Michael hated being left out of the loop, especially when the situation involved Jim. Jim was one of his favorite employees, and he’d missed their boss-employee friendship.

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