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How to Unlock The Free Burger Town Operator

In collaboration with the globally recognized Burger King franchise, Modern Warfare 2 is offering a playable Burger Town Operator for those who purchase a specific meal from one of the brick-and-mortar restaurants. Such a partnership between Call of Duty and food companies is not new, as fans in the United States and the UK can receive free rewards by ordering meals from Mountain Dew, Little Caesars, or Papa John’s. However, one strange element about this Modern Warfare 2 collaboration is that players in the US will not be able to claim the Burger Town Operator.


More specifically, the promotional Burger Town Operator in Modern Warfare 2 will only be available for players in 40 specific countries, excluding the US and UK. Considering that Burger King’s headquarters are in Florida, many fans might be baffled why such a restriction exists. Nevertheless, US and UK players should not give up hope, as the code obtained from the Burger King meals can be redeemed in their region. Accordingly, fans from these two regions can cooperate with those in the other 40 countries to deliver the code via online messaging, such as Discord.

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According to YouTube content creator Ulterior Covert, players must purchase one of the three Burger King meals to unlock the Burger Town Operator in Modern Warfare 2. These meals include the Call of Duty Whopper Large Value Meal, Call of Duty Double Whopper Large Value Meal, or Call of Duty Triple Whopper Large Value Meal. A redeemable code can be claimed from any of these meals. After obtaining a code, players must head to the game’s official code redemption site to claim their Burger Town Operator and hour-long XP boost.

Unlocking The Free Burger Town Operator in Modern Warfare 2

For clarification, the code for the free Burger Town Operator in Modern Warfare 2 can be claimed from Burger King restaurants in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Kuwait, Martinique, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Oman, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela.

The only exception would be Modern Warfare 2 fans who reside in Australia, as Burger King does not exist in their region. Instead, Australian players must purchase the Modern Warfare 2 Baconator Meal from their local Hungry Jacks to receive a code. Keep in mind that this promotional offer will only last until November 16, 2022, after which players will not be able to get the exclusive Operator in Modern Warfare 2.

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Source: YouTube/Ulterior Covert

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