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Taylor Hale Claims Former Miss USA VP Sexually Harassed Her

Former beauty queen and Big Brother season 24 winner Taylor Hale accused former Miss USA vice president Max Sebrechts of sexually harassing her. Taylor is still coming to terms with the effects of her historic victory in Big Brother 24. That victory came against all odds as Taylor was ostracized, mocked, and belittled by the other housemates. However, she remained steadfast despite the odds against her and won many viewers and Big Brother fans to her side. The former pageant winner has received loads of love and goodwill from fans and admirers in the aftermath of her victory. Thanks to Taylor’s win, her status as a celebrity is now increased. In addition, she now has an amplified voice, and millions worldwide look up to her as a role model.


Recently, Taylor spoke up for many people during an appearance in a recent episode of the Reality Steve podcast. During the Big Brother winner’s interview, she alleged that former Miss USA vice president Max sexually harassed her the morning after a pageant in November 2021. Taylor said, “What I’m really concerned about are deeper issues that happened with the current ownership of Miss USA. I don’t care about allegations of favoritism. I care about allegations of sexual harassment.” Taylor noted that this was the first time she was going on record with her revelation before going on to narrate the details of her allegations against Max. The reigning Big Brother winner claimed Max sent her a direct message following her 16th-place finish at the Miss USA pageant. In the message, he lauded her for doing a good job and expressed pride in her. Then he invited her to the presidential suite, which she declined.

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Big Brother 24’s Taylor Hale Uncomfortable With Max’s Actions

Later, Big Brother winner Taylor ran into Max in the hotel lobby while carrying her “big and heavy” state costume. Max offered to help her carry the costume to her room, which she accepted. She added, “There was a protocol where if you were being escorted to your room, the person who was escorting you would stop at the elevator bank and watch you go down the hallway to your room.” Taylor said Max allegedly didn’t follow the protocol and instead went into her room. There, he placed the costume in the entry corridor before walking in. He sat down and had a conversation with her. Taylor noted that none of Max’s actions were threatening. However, she felt uncomfortable as he wasn’t supposed to be lingering. Taylor also alleged that his inappropriate behavior continued to further cross the line. According to her, he allegedly gave her “some very sexually, intimate types of hugs” when he stood up. She said the hugs were very intimate and “pretty sexual.” He also allegedly whispered in her ear, telling her she was beautiful and gorgeous. Taylor alleged that Max kissed the corner of her mouth, pretending it was her cheek. She added, “I’m just frozen. I’m not doing anything, but he’s clearly waiting for me to make the next move. He does this twice, and then finally I get him to leave the room.”

Taylor didn’t come forward with her allegations earlier because of her standing with Miss USA and Max’s removal from the organization in January. She was still a title holder of the organization then and didn’t want to blow the matter up and make the biggest deal out of it. However, Taylor knew there might have been other women who suffered similar experiences. Hence, she wants the matter dealt with and the allegations taken seriously.

It must have been difficult for Taylor to come forward with these allegations against Max, especially following her victory in the Big Brother season 24 finale. However, she has done the right thing and will encourage many more women with similar experiences to do the same. One of the ways to combat sexual assault is for victims to speak out against those who perpetrate such acts. Taylor’s allegations will hopefully make those in authority take action against Max and investigate the matter accordingly. Eventually, if he is found guilty, appropriate measures must be taken against him to serve as a deterrent to others.

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Source: Reality Steve

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