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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up James Bond As A Character

This month, James Bond celebrates its 60th anniversary, and fans all over the world are celebrating the first film of who would become one of the most relevant characters in pop culture. Many acclaimed actors have incarnated him, but since Daniel Craig’s James Bond heroically died in the franchise’s last film No Time To Die in 2021 – officially ending the actor’s portrayal of the iconic spy – an upcoming new James Bond is in the making.

The search for the new face of James Bond has already started, but it may take a while. With 25 movies in total and seven different actors portraying him, James Bond is a man difficult to summarize. However, some hilarious memes can definitely capture his essence.


Bond, James Bond

There are three types of atomic bonds: single, double, and triple. Nonetheless, as the meme points out there’s always one that teachers seem to forget to mention. Of course, it is Bond, James Bond.

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Some scientists may differ, but fans of 007 know that James Bond could be considered one of the atomic bonds. Not only because of his last name but also because he is comparable to the deathly effects of an atom split in half.

Iconic Gun Barrel Intro

James Bond couldn’t be James Bond without the iconic gun barrel introduction. Bond’s mere existence as a character has been tied up to that legendary opening credit sequence since the first film, and any moviegoer could recognize who it is just from seeing the first few seconds.

The above meme references how iconic the meme is and, possibly, the most iconic meme ever. Every best James Bond opening credit sequence has proved how important this cinematic trait is for his character and how it’s undeniably part of his iconography.

Handsome Gentleman

Every actor that has gotten James Bond’s essence right has had the confidence of a gentleman and the looks of a casanova, and Daniel Craig was no exception. While everyone else looks different in their multiple social media profiles, James Bond could only look excessively handsome and neat in all of them with the same picture.

His looks capture professionalism, power, seriousness, and charm. He could be the perfect Instagram model and have an irresistible tinder account. Fortunately, James Bond is a fictional character and nobody has to look for jobs or dates next to him on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder.

Skilled Fighter

General Brad Whitaker had a thing for historical figure’s statutes and they were all next to each other down a corridor in his mansion, including one of the Duke of Wellington. Between all of Brad Whitaker’s historic collection of artifacts and art, James Bond and he have a fight that, as the meme points out, could have easily impressed the inanimate objects.

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James Bond’s skills for fighting and shooting are definitely jaw-dropping in all of his films and are one of the traits that define him best. After that moment, the Duke of Wellington joined the ranks of 007 fans that admire his unbelievable combat.


There are many details in James Bond movies fans would change, but one of the most commonly discussed topics nowadays is James Bond’s approach to romance. While there are some films that deepened his relationship with his lovers, there are others that reduced his romantic interests to their looks. Which led to some uncomfortable age gaps that even James Bond actor Roger Moore recognized (Via Evie).

The meme offers a funny and accurate solution. James Bond is a Romeo in all of his films, but he could still be it with women closer to his age, as the Redditor suggested with their smart meme.

His Movies Are Released In November

Most James Bond films were released in November, which made fans of the franchise celebrate the month, rewatch films and eagerly wait for the upcoming 007 movie. However, during the COVID pandemic, No Time To Die release date had to be delayed three times.

Bond’s traditional release date had to be changed, which was understandable due to the international health emergency, but it broke many fans’ hearts as they had to wait for even more months to watch another of their favorite franchise’s films.

Man Of Action

James Bond is incredibly skilled with any sort of weapon, but he is especially talented with guns. His aim is precise and deathly, and he can pretty much shoot anyone within any range. His incredible feats as a shooter made every fan of the movie feel like an empowered 007 when they held a gun.

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As the meme hilariously shows, it didn’t necessarily have to be a real gun with real bullets, but a nerf gun or any other toy weapon was enough to feel as skilled as England’s most incredible spy.


James Bond is very clever. He always knows what to say and what to do. It is thanks to his intelligence and physique that he was able to defeat many people. Including one of James Bond’s best villains, Professor Dent.

The moment he discovers Professor Dent’s plans and sets a simple trap to confuse him, corner him, question him, and kill him is one of the many scenes where James Bond proves his cleverness, which is even recognized by the villain.

Relevant In The History Of Cinema

Sean Connery was one of the best James Bonds, if not the best. His incredible interpretation of 007 is not only recognized by fans of the franchise, but by cinephiles and critics. Its cinematographical value is undeniable, and Sean Connery’s James Bond films contributed greatly to cinema history.

The actors passing in 2020 marked the end of an era and was devastating for fans all over the world. However, it is heartwarming to see the extraordinary legacy Sean Connery left behind.

James Bond Starter Pack

If only one meme had to sum up James Bond, it would definitely be this one. The hilarious starter pack captures everything that essentially constructs 007 as a character.

As the meme points out, Bond, James Bond, always has a gorgeous indestructible car, an expensive luxurious living, an attractive female companion, a killer motorcycle, and most importantly, he is always ready to kill.

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