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10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Series

Criminal Minds will be revived after being off-air for just two years. This reboot is going to be a two-episode holiday premiere, beginning on Paramount+ on Thanksgiving Day.

This series had a dedicated fanbase for many years. The news of the impending reboot excited fans that were upset about the series ending after fifteen seasons. Many of these viewers have rewatched these seasons multiple times, considering it one of the most binge-worthy procedural shows. These dedicated fans have created memes that perfectly sum up the series.


The Suspense

Criminal Minds didn’t always get everything right about criminal profiling, the show succeeded in providing intense cases that kept the audience hooked. Many of the episodes would start with a crime taking place before the viewers would see the team begin to investigate.

This meme emphasizes the suspense at the beginning of an episode. When a family would be seen going about their normal lives, it left people on the edge of their seats, waiting for the shoe to drop.

The Team’s Dedication

Though each episode focused on a specific case the team is working on, the whole show was speckled with aspects of the team’s lives and how their work affected their personal lives.

Each main character at some point, and often multiple times, would go through a mental or physical trauma that was very personal to them. However, as this meme references, the team was so dedicated to the work that they often got back to the job without properly recovering from their traumas. While this was admirable, it often led to more harm than good.

Garcia’s Resources

Several of the cast members stayed on the series for the majority of the show, or even through to the end. Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness, was the character in the most series episodes and was there from beginning to end.

This meme points out how interesting Garcia’s personality was, making her one of the fan favorites. She was great at her job as a technical analyst but is beloved for her quirkiness and her ability to relay information creatively.

Reid’s Mind

Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler) is also another fan-favorite character. Though his character will not be returning to the upcoming reboot, there are plenty of fascinating Reid moments fans have to look back on from the previous seasons.

As this meme points out, Reid was often the one to solve the case or find a key clue that helped in the overall investigation. As a certified genius, Reid was a valuable member of the team that allowed them to quickly know the information needed without immense amounts of research.

Kicking In Doors

Though Shemar Moore, who played Derek Morgan, left the series in season eleven, Morgan is still considered one of the bravest characters in the show. He was known for his badass qualities, often the one to chase an unsub and kick in doors when need-be.

This meme humorous comments on the nature of Morgan’s character throughout the series. Though they are all seen chasing the bad guy at one time or another, he was the strongest agent and was often seen performing the hands-on tasks.

Underestimating JJ

Jennifer Jareau (also known as JJ) is also one of the most badass team members in the BAU. She started off as the liaison for the media and police for the team but eventually became another criminal profiler.

Despite JJ’s intelligence and skills as an agent, she was often underestimated due to her beauty. However, she always seemed to prove herself to those that would underestimate her as weak or unintelligent simply because she was superficially attractive.

When The Plot Thickens

Some fans have a knack for guessing how the case will pan out before the end of the episode. However, the show also had a great way of subverting expectations and throwing in a twist.

This often happened towards the end of the episode. As this meme references, when the case seemed to be solved with a good chunk of the episode still left, fans could expect a twist in the storyline. This kept the audience interested in the show, excited about the cases when things went completely unexpectedly.

Morgan And Baby Girl

One of the most wholesome things about this series is the relationship between Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan. Morgan and Garcia have some of the best quotes, adding some quippy banter among the dark undertones of the series.

As depicted in this meme, their relationship was something unlike the other relationships in the team. Though they were all like family, these two had a way of talking to each other in a blatantly romantic way while still keeping their relationship wholesomely platonic.

Gubler’s Weird Episodes

There are some great episodes featuring Spencer Reid, but Matthew Gray Gubler also directed some fascinating episodes. Gubler directed some of the scariest episodes in the series, offering fans some intense cases.

This meme emphasizes that the actors also took part in other aspects of the development of the show. Gubler is responsible for some of the most chilling episodes, which are listed on IMDb, such as “Mr. Scratch” and “Mosley Lane”. While there are many terrifying cases the team works, these episodes left a lasting chill for the audience.

Favorite Characters

Throughout the seasons, the cast of the team has changed as some actors left the show and others joined. However, most of the team members were long-lasting characters that fans became attached to.

While the cases are mysterious and captivating, it’s the team that kept fans returning for the next episode. This meme emphasizes that every dedicated fan has a fan favorite character they love to see in action on the screen. Even after a favorite character has left the show, the cast is always extensive and diverse enough to capture different audience interests.

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