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Should You Pull For Nahida or Yoimiya

Genshin Impact‘s Version 3.2 update will feature four different Banners for players to pull on. During the first half of the update, the new 5-star character Nahida will be available along with Yoimiya, who was first released during the game’s 2.0 patch. During the second half of the 3.2 update, Tartaglia and Yae Miko will return.

Since there are simultaneous Banners that will feature different 5-star characters, players planning to use the game’s Wish system will likely need to decide which character to pursue. Free-to-play players specifically will have limited Primogems and may have difficulty deciding between Yoimiya or the new Archon Nahida in Genshin Impact. Both characters offer distinctly different advantages – and disadvantages – within a team and can help players tremendously during combat.


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Yoimiya wields a bow in battle and uses a Pyro Vision to inflict strong fire damage on enemies. Her primary focus is to attack as much as possible while being supported by other party members, which would make her the main DPS in a team. Nahida is a catalyst user who utilizes the new Dendro element. Her primary focus is to apply Dendro to enemies in order for allies to trigger Reactions related to that element. Despite being a new character, several analysts already consider Nahida as being the best Dendro character in Genshin Impact.

Nahida Is A Strong Dendro Enabler In Genshin Impact

Nahida’s Elemental Skill called All Schemes to Know is an attack that hits enemies with the Seed of Skandha, which deals Dendro damage to enemies. Players can Hold the ability to have Nahida enter a scan mode that will mark up to eight opponents. All enemies marked by her Skill will be hit by Nahida’s Tri-Karma Purification, which will deal Dendro damage to all linked enemies whenever the player triggers an Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact.

Her Elemental Burst known as the Illusory Heart manifests a Court of Dreams and creates a Shrine of Maya onto the field. The Talent is currently the largest Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact because the Shrine envelops the entire battlefield, which offers varying effects. If players have Pyro characters within the team, Nahida’s Tri-Karma Purification damage will increase. Using Hydro characters will extend the Shrine of Maya’s duration and using Electro allies will increase her Tri-Karma Purification frequency.

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Nahida’s Passive Talent Compassion Illuminated will trigger when the Shrine of Maya is unleashed. The skill will increase the Elemental Mastery of the active character within the field by 25% based on the character with the highest Elemental Mastery stats in the party, having a maximum boost of 250. Since Dendro reactions rely on Elemental Mastery, this makes Nahida a strong support character in Genshin Impact. Her other Passive Talent called Awakening Elucidated will increase Nahida’s Tri-Karma Purification’s Crit Rate and damage according to her Elemental Mastery stats, offering a maximum of 80% bonus damage and a 24% Crit Rate boost.

Yoimiya Is A Powerful Pyro DPS In Genshin Impact

Yoimiya’s Niwabi Fire Dance transforms all her Normal Attacks into Blazing Arrows, which increases her damage and converts all attacks to Pyro for a limited time. During her Niwabi Fire Dance state, she cannot use her level 2 aimed Charged Shot and will primarily focus on firing arrows through her auto-attacks. With this ability, Yoimiya will synergize with many support characters who can help her trigger Pyro-related Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact.

Her Elemental Burst called the Ryuukin Saxifrage has Yoimiya jumping into the air and firing blazing fireworks, dealing AOE Pyro damage. Additionally, an enemy will be marked by an Aurous Blaze that will explode when a party member’s attack hits. The ability will deal AOE damage and then transfer the mark to a different opponent.

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Yoimiya’s Passive Talent, Tricks of the Trouble Maker, will increase her Niwabi Fire Dance shots Pyro damage by 2% with the boost lasting 3 seconds and having a maximum of 10 stacks. Her Summer Night’s Dawn ability will increase other party members’ ATK% by 10% when using her Elemental Burst. More bonuses will be added depending on the number of Ticks of the Trouble Maker stacks Yoimiya has before using her Burst. When comparing Yoimiya with other Pyro characters in Genshin Impact, she’s considered a reliable DPS who can deal high numbers of damage.

Genshin Impact 3.2 Banners: Is Nahida or Yoimiya Better

When comparing the two characters, Nahida fulfills a more sub-DPS and supportive role because her abilities will allow her to be off-field. She’s a strong Dendro enabler and could even be the one who triggers Elemental Reactions since all her Normal Attacks can inflict Dendro. Nahida could possibly be the best Dendro character in the game as her elemental application has 100% uptime, meaning players do not have to wait for any cooldown in order to apply Dendro to enemies. Additionally, Nahida can increase Elemental Mastery for active characters, which would increase damage for reactions. Nahida is also quite flexible within teams and can even synergize well with upcoming leaked characters in Genshin Impact.

Yomiya excels in dealing fast and consecutive damage, specifically Vaporize or Melt damage. She’s among the easiest characters to use in combat and she has flexibility when equipping Artifacts and weapons, which makes her very beginner friendly. As a bow user, Yoimiya can perform well fighting against enemies at a distance or opponents who frequently teleport away in battle. Despite being a reliable damage dealer, Yoimiya will struggle against a crowd of enemies because her Normal Attacks are single target. Being a single-target damage dealer will make her effective against bosses but the weakness will affect her performance, especially in Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact.

For players in need of a reliable Dendro character who can be effective on or off-field, Nahida will be the best choice. If fans require a powerful hyper-carry damage dealer that works best utilizing Pyro Elemental Reactions, then Yoimiya can be a great asset for many players. Deciding on which character is better will ultimately depend on what other characters a player has, but because Nahida is far more flexible in team builds, she would be the better choice since Yoimiya’s role in a party is far more strict. Nahida and Yoimiya aren’t the only characters that can be pulled during the Version 3.2 update. Childe and Yae Miko will have featured banners during the second half and both are excellent characters to have. The anticipated Scaramouche in Genshin Impact has also been recently confirmed to be a playable character and fans may want to save for him.

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