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Why Bridgerton Season 3 Needs A Long Time Jump To Really Work

Bridgerton season 3 is going to tell Penelope and Colin’s love story, but to properly convey it, the show must have a multi-year time jump.

Bridgerton season 3 will skip to adapting Romancing Mister Bridgerton, Book 4 of Julia Quinn’s book series, and tell Penelope and Colin’s love story, but the only way to do it properly is by including a time jump. The season 2 ending of Shonda Rhimes’ show set up Colin and Penelope’s story perfectly, ending with Penelope narrating part of Lady Whistledown’s words, thereby embracing her alter-ego. Unfortunately, Penelope also loses her best friend, Eloise Bridgerton, and overhears Colin saying he would never date her.


In the book, Colin and Penelope are adults who spend years apart maturing before getting together, and the only way to achieve that in the show is by having a long time jump before Bridgerton season 3. Colin wasn’t ready for marriage in seasons 1 and 2 because he was still an immature young man looking for his place in the world. A year between seasons 2 and 3 likely still won’t be enough time, not considering where Colin is currently at emotionally. Meanwhile, Penelope is still an insecure young woman who relies too heavily on validation from others, specifically the Bridgertons.

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Penelope Needs To Develop Into Her Book Character Some More

Eloise actor Claudia Jessie even teased a time jump, pointing out a significant issue for the series: they “can’t play [teenagers] forever.” Not only will the actors eventually age out of their characters without a time jump, but as previously stated, Penelope and Colin’s story only works if they’re fully grown adults. In Romancing Mister Bridgerton, Penelope is a spinster, but she has time to accept it and be content with the freedom writing as Lady Whistledown affords her. Penelope also spends most of her time apart from Colin because he travels so much. A time jump could show how Penelope becomes more independent without the Bridgertons, and the confidence embracing her spinsterhood awards her. In addition, Eloise’s story in Bridgerton season 3 may also force Penelope’s growth because losing her best friend means she has only herself to rely on.

Colin Bridgerton Needs Much More Time To Mature

A similarity between the Bridgerton book and TV show Colin is his desire to find a passion. In the book, Colin’s passion becomes writing about his travels, but he travels much more than he has so far in the show. At the moment in the TV series, Colin is completely without direction. Without a time jump, Colin quickly figuring himself out wouldn’t make sense. His desire to write is also essential to his and Penelope’s love story because they bond over a mutual love of writing. A time jump would also help audiences get over Colin rudely declaring he’d never date Penelope. Colin only says it to his brothers in the book and immediately apologizes for it, but it helps to give the two space to grow separately afterward. While in the show, it’s more hurtful as he says it to a group of other bachelors, it will hopefully lead him to reflect on his words.

Colin also needs to find his purpose before he and Penelope get together because he is too preoccupied with his insecurities to focus on any woman for more than a night. To become more sure of herself, Penelope also needs to embrace her alter-ego, Lady Whistledown. When Colin finally starts to see Penelope romantically in the books, it’s because she starts being herself around him. She can only do that because she stops caring what people think once she’s no longer on the market and believes Colin is unattainable. All of this is why a time jump makes the most sense for Penelope and Colin in Bridgerton season 3 in order for them grow separately and come together as adults.

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