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Planet Of The Apes Conquers the Marvel Universe in New Variant Covers

The Marvel Comics Universe is being conquered by the Planet of the Apes in a new set of variant covers. It’s become a time-honored tradition from Marvel to call upon their best cover artists to celebrate landmark new series or milestones in clever variant covers. Just this year, the massive comic company created a multiverse-spanning collaboration when the Predator made his Marvel debut in a series of covers that depicted the legendary hunter taking on heroes like Thor, Hulk, Spidey and more. Now, another iconic film series is getting a brand-new comic from Marvel, and it’s setting itself up to be just as big as Predator with an equally massive variant cover collection.


Earlier this year, Marvel officially announced that after decades of silence, the world of the Planet of the Apes franchise will be making its grand return to comics with new stories to tell. Planet of the Apes is a series that has stood the test of time, with the original film being considered one of the greatest science fiction films ever made. It spawned numerous sequels and a reboot trilogy starring Andy Serkis with two entries directed by The Batman‘s Matt Reeves. Under Marvel, the Apes have primarily seen comic adaptations of the films that they’re from, but the announcement of a new series from the company is promising a wide-range of new stories from that world. No details of the writers or artists have been shared just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the legendary creatures from unleashing an all out attack against the biggest Marvel heroes.

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According to Marvel, the Planet of the Apes will be making a massive invasion against Marvel characters like Wolverine, Deadpool and Ghost Rider is a series of variant covers that will debut all throughout February 2023. While the Apes themselves won’t actually be within the pages of the comic taking on fan-favorite characters in epic battles, these covers will be a fantastic way for the creatures to announce their arrival and “take comics by storm.” Marvel has released a list of 27 comics that will receive an official Planet of the Apes variant cover throughout the month. However, to get fans excited, they have unveiled ten of the covers featuring the heroes interacting with the new Marvel series.

The Planet of the Apes Invades the Marvel Universe!

First up is a cover from Wolverine #30 by Greg Land which shows the fan-favorite X-Men hero defending himself from the onslaught of invaders. Iconic Marvel cover artist Peach Momoko takes things more cosmic for Captain Marvel #46 with Captain Marvel looking on while the Apes are in the background. Next, Deadpool is going to need his new horrific Carnage form in Deadpool #4 to take on these Apes in this cover by Mike McKone. Ghost Rider has an epic battle with a war-ready Ape in this variant for Ghost Rider #11 by Declan Shalvey. Meanwhile, Marvel may have an army, but the Apes have a Hulk in Hulk #12‘s cover by Salvador Larroca. Scarlet Witch could finally meet her match in this Ape variant of Scarlet Witch #2 by Lee Garbett, while Venom leaps into action in this beautiful cover by Björn Barrends for Venom #16. Iron Man recreates the iconic ending to Planet of the Apes in artwork by Francesco Manna for Invincible Iron Man #3. The Apes may have met the one Marvel character they can’t conquer as Galactus eyes them in Silver Surfer: Ghost of Light #1 by Taurin Clarke. Finally, Psylocke takes a stand against the Apes in Alan Davis’ cover for X-Force #37

Each of these variant covers will arrive throughout the month of February 2023 with 17 more to come. Currently, the Planet of the Apes‘ grand return to comics has no set release date aside from a promised early 2023 release. However, these variant covers featuring the Marvel Comics universe are a perfect way to get fans excited for the future involving the Planet of the Apes.

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Source: Marvel

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