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How to Unlock The Free Chrome Punk Outfit

To unlock the free Chrome Punk Outfit in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4, players must find an efficient way to grind XP to earn account levels.

While Halloween has concluded, Fortnite fans can still enjoy the festivities of Spooktober with the free Chrome Punk Outfit. Those who took part in the Fortnitemares Questline will recognize Chrome Punk as the pumpkin-headed NPC found on the floating structures of Flutter Barn. Chrome Punk is identical in appearance to the Epic Outfit, Punk, which was released in Chapter 2: Season 4 as part of the Carving Crew Set. While donning a jack-o’-lantern head with sportswear is stylish enough, the Chrome Punk skin takes the fit of the Outfit to the next level.


To unlock the Chrome Punk Outfit for free in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4, players must complete the Chrome Punk Quests, a progression-based series of challenges similar to the process of unlocking the Living Metal Set during Fortnitemares. However, instead of completing 25 Fortnitemares Quests, players must attain Account Levels to be rewarded with Chrome Punk-themed cosmetics. These cosmetics include the Chromeseed Back Bling, the Graveyard Rave Loading Screen, and the Chrome Punk Outfit. The Back Bling unlocks after earning 10 Account Levels, while reaching 25 more levels will grant participants the Loading Screen. Finally, earning 50 Account Levels will unlock the Chrome Punk Outfit in Fortnite.

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Unlocking the Chrome Punk Skin Fortnite

As mentioned above, the Chrome Punk skin comes free of cost and does not require players to purchase the Battle Pass for Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4. However, the 50-Account-Level prerequisite is a considerable requirement, which might even cause some players to turn away from attempting to earn this Outfit. Fortunately, fans have around two months to unlock the Chrome Punk skin, meaning that now is the best time to begin grinding levels on their account.

While it is not recommended to play an unhealthy amount of matches to unlock the free skin, players are encouraged to play as least several games a day to ensure their progress in earning enough XP for 50 Account Levels. Playing game modes is one aspect, but another essential source of XP in Fortnite is interacting with everything in sight. Eurogamer states that players can get the most out of their matches by doing small tasks such as fishing, opening chests, or even talking with NPCs in Season 4. This strategy will help fans maximize their XP income to hasten their progress toward unlocking the free Chrome Punk Outfit in Fortnite. If players would ever like to “preview” the Outfit themselves in-game, YouTuber Aid suggests covering one’s Punk Outfit in Chrome using Chrome Splash.

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