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The True Story Behind Evan Peters’ Cringe Cameo

The Evan Peters The Office cameo was one of the show’s most memorable, mostly because the American Horror Stor and X-Men star’s character was one of the most cringe-inducing to ever grace Dunder Mifflin. Although The Office season 7 began utilizing stunt casting more often as Steve Carell’s Michael Scott exited the series, the sitcom still utilized many lesser-known comedy actors for cameos. While accomplished actors like Will Ferrell, Timothy Olyphant, James Spader, and Ricky Gervais would later sign on as recurring characters — with the latter reprising his The Office (UK) role—The Office was also clever to cast younger up-and-coming actors to include a generation less present in the show for memorable guest appearances, with their characters primarily put at odds with the main roles. Such instances include Glee’s Kevin McHale as the kidnapped pizza delivery boy, Dakota Johnson as the new Dunder Mifflin employee in the finale, and, of course, Even Peters as Luke Cooper.


By this point notorious thanks to his career including roles like the titular lead in Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the Evan Peters The Office cameo happened in the season 7 episode “Nepotism,”. Evan Peters played Michael Scott’s incompetent and cinema-loving nephew, Luke. Kicking off the season 7 premiere, Luke being Michael’s nephew was a twist, as The Office’s characters simply explained that he was hired as an office assistant even though he’s terrible at his job. When The Office’s characters tell Michael they want Luke fired, Michael reveals that he can’t let him go because Luke is his half-sister’s son, with Steve Carell’s character having hired Evan Peters as a way to bring their family back together. However, when Luke again goofs off and deliberately sabotages Michael’s presentation, Evan Peters’ character is brought out by Dunder Mifflin’s Regional Manager to the bullpen. In a shocking moment, Michael bends Luke over on a desk and spanks him in front of the rest of the office. Unsurprisingly, this scene where Michael spanks Luke is truly known as one of the most cringe-worthy scenes in The Office.

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Getting Spanked By Steve Carell Launched Evan Peters Career

After being spanked, Luke leaves Dunder Mifflin and is never seen again, but this didn’t stop the true story of the Evan Peters The Office cameo from creating one of the most memorable and uncomfortable episodes in the series. On Reddit in 2016, Peters was asked about his time on The Office, to which he responded, “The Office was awesome because Steve Carell spanked me. Hard.” While Luke likely never spoke to Michael after this incident, at least Peters was able to joke about the cringe-worthy moment while fondly remembering his time opposite Steve Carell. Interestingly, The Office season 7 (Michael Scott’s last) was the second collaboration between Carell and Peters, as the two had previously appeared together in the 2004 teen comedy movie Sleepover.

The true story of Evan Peters’ The Office cameo, which aired in September 2010, was also notable for occurring just a year before he was launched into fame for his role in 2011’s American Horror Story season 1. Peters would then appear in all seasons of American Horror Story but one, where the actor frequently starred opposite The Office’s Jo Bennett actress Kathy Bates, who also appeared in a guest role for “Nepotism.” Also of note is that the Evan Peters The Office cameo seems to mark the end of his comedy streak, as the actor would then primarily take roles in the horror, supernatural, fantasy, crime, or dramatic genres.

The Office Kickstarted A Lot Of Careers

Believe it or not, The Office is responsible for jump-starting many actors’ careers. The main cast alone has done a lot since appearing on the show. Steve Carell was a little-known name prior to portraying Michael Scott. He’s since gone on to appear in plenty of popular movies and TV shows as a lead star, such as The Morning Show, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, and the Despicable Me franchise. John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert on The Office, has also gone on to have a leading-man career. He famously appeared as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2, and started his own franchise with the A Quiet Place movies, which he directed and starred in. Ed Helms, who portrayed Andy Dwyer, also got his start on The Office, later going on to be in the Hangover movies and the Family Vacation reboot. While The Office relied on stunt casting in later seasons (such as with Jessica Alba, Cloris Leachman, and Jack Black in the fictional film Mrs. Albert Hannaday), there have been other guest cameos from future stars-in-the-making prior to their making it big. Amy Adams appeared in The Office season 1 as Jim’s girlfriend/love interest Katie. In addition, David Costabile of Breaking Bad fame also had a cameo in season 6.

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