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Daniel Radcliffe Will Always Cherish Making Jack Black Laugh

Daniel Radcliffe said he made Jack Black laugh while filming “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” in a recent interview with The Film Empire podcast.

In an appearance on The Empire Film Podcast, Daniel Radcliffe said he made Jack Black laugh while filming a cameo-packed scene in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Radcliffe is still probably most known for his titular role in the Harry Potter films. However, the actor has taken on more indie film projects in his recent career– such as Swiss Army Man and Kill Your Darlings. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is one of his most outlandish roles yet, in which he plays a very convincing Weird Al in a semi-fictional biopic of his life.


The film, released to streaming on November 4, was co-written by Weird Al and is the directorial debut of Eric Appel. In addition to a hilarious stream of “totally true” events that lead Radcliffe’s Weird Al to the height of his career, the film includes a pool party scene filled with comedian cameos (some of Weird Al’s closest friends in Hollywood.) The featured celebrities include Nina West as performer Divine, Conan O’Brien playing Andy Warhol, and Jack Black as Wolfman Jack.

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In an episode of The Empire Film Podcast, Radcliffe said he made Black laugh off-camera while filming. Radcliffe details how intimidating filming the pool party scene was, as he was surrounded by professional comedians while portraying Weird Al. Radcliffe also said the scene was filmed in a single afternoon– a fun but stressful day on the Weird set. Read what Radcliffe said about his moment with Black below:

I will take to my grave that I made Jack Black laugh at one point off camera that day. The small child in me that grew up very, very obsessed with Jack Black was delighted by that.

Daniel Radcliffe’s Comedy Roles Help Distance Him from Harry Potter

Since Harry Potter, Radcliffe has taken roles to separate his identity from his most famous role. In a recent interview, Radcliffe also said he likes the mutual benefit of doing indie film projects for himself and the emerging directors he works with. Radcliffe’s successful portrayal as Manny in Swiss Army Man solidified his ability to take on weird roles while also shooting directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (known as Daniels) to fame before their box office hit Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Radcliffe’s latest role might finally push him past a career defined by his childhood. While well done and entertaining, Radcliffe’s role as Harry Potter rarely played to his strengths as a professional. Radcliffe’s energy as an actor is at its best in comedies. Radcliffe fans have known his ability to capture weirdness in his more recent projects, but Weird: The Al Yankovic Story might be enough to redefine Radcliffe.

Source: The Empire Film

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