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How to Save Amador The Mask Maker in Deathloop

Deathloop features a selection of optional side missions for players to conquer. One of these side missions involves saving Amador the Mask Maker.

Saving Amador in Deathloop is not the main objective at any point, however doing so grants players with a special reward. If players save Amador the Mask Maker during any run, they will gain access to the Mask Maker’s shop, which is locked otherwise. When players are ready to take on Harriet and subsequently save Amador, they must head to Karl’s Bay in the morning.

Once in Karl’s Bay, mark the Visionary lead for Harriet and take the exit out of the tunnel. Players must head toward the two hangars on the upper-right corner of the map. Harriet and Amador the Mask Maker are inside of Hangar 2. Players can’t get into Hangar 2 from all directions, so the best path through the hangars is through Hangar 1.


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Deathloop: Saving Amador the Mask Maker From Harriet

Depending on your own version of what the best Deathloop playstyle is, players may want to approach the hangars loud or stealthily. However, once inside Hangar 1, head to the stairs on the opposite side of Hangar 2. These stairs take players to the gantry where they can enter Hangar 2. Amador the Mask Maker is suspended on the gantry with a nearby enemy ahead. Kill the enemy and use the Shift Slab power to reach the balcony where Harriet is speaking. Aim for the white ledge to the left of the balcony so as not to Shift to the wrong location. This gives players an unobstructed view of the locked room lined with lasers.

Find an angle to properly shoot the button that opens the door to the laser room. Return to the previous platform to head downstairs toward Harriet. There are two eternalists guarding Harriet who must be dealt with swiftly. An easy way to kill both eternalists is by using the Nexus Slab ability. After the eternalists are defeated, players can kill Harriet and collect her Slab. Check out saving Deathloop’s Amador in action in the YouTube video from HTF Games Studio below:

If players have previously visited Amador the Mask Maker’s shop in Deathloop, they will receive a mission to save him from Harriet. Players must kill, or at least interrupt, Harriet before she lowers the crane holding Amador into the poisonous gas. Once players defeat Harriet, they can use the controls on her podium to raise the crane and turn off the gas pumps. Amador the Mask Maker is arguably one of the best characters in Deathloop, so saving him is an important side objective to do early on.

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    Deathloop is a first-person-shooter roguelike action game from developer Arkane Lyon, the creators of Dishonored 2. Players assume the role of Colt, a man stuck on the island of Blackreef, where whenever he tries to escape the hedonistic landscape ruled by eccentric individuals, he dies – and is rebooted back to the beginning of his escape. For Colt to escape this time loop, he’ll have to assassinate eight targets that are the keys to shattering the deathloop and his freedom. However, his escape is impeded by a mysterious fellow assassin known as Julianna, hell-bent on killing Colt for reasons unknown. Deathloop allows players to experiment on how they’ll break the cycle by making it possible to tackle targets in different orders and utilize unique, otherworldly powers and guns to decimate their foes. A multiplayer mode is also available for those looking to cause a little mayhem, where a player can assume the role of Julianna as they hunt a player-controlled Colt. Deathloop was initially a PlayStation exclusive but has since been announced for an Xbox Series X/S release in 2022.

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