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Young Sheldon Season 6 Subtly Reveals Why George Has Been Miserable

Warning! Spoiler ahead for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 6.

Young Sheldon reveals the reason why George has been miserable in his life as seen in the show. The Cooper patriarch has been deeply unhappy; he admitted as much in the Young Sheldon season 4 finale to Mary, who was understandably concerned for a moment before the whole issue was buried by other things. Since then, The Big Bang Theory prequel has yet to revisit the idea again as it focuses on other narratives on the series, including Georgie navigating being an expecting father. Amid everything happening in the Cooper household, however, Young Sheldon offers an explanation for George’s sadness.


As seen on Young Sheldon season 6, episode 6, George lacks boundaries, and is easily coerced to do things out of his sense of responsibility or honor. That’s what happened when he had to take Wayne in after his marriage imploded, and it’s also the exact same motivation that led to him deciding to marry Mary when they got accidentally pregnant, despite his reservations. Throughout the years, he kept on following the whim of others while betraying his own preferences – for example, he did it when he gave up a more lucrative job because his wife didn’t want to move away from her mother. With this in mind, it’s no wonder George has felt miserable and deeply unhappy as he continues to prioritize everyone else over himself.

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George’s Biggest Asset Is Also The Reason For His Downfall

Sheldon described George differently on The Big Bang Theory compared to Young Sheldon‘s version of the character. Instead of the totally useless father that he and Mary depicted, the Cooper patriarch is more of a flawed but committed family man. Throughout the spin-off’s run, George has been mainly a devoted father and husband. No one could question his dedication to his responsibility as the man of the Cooper household. However, this is exactly the reason for his downfall. Without instituting strong and proper boundaries, it seems these roles could start to make him feel burned out and resentful towards his family. George has been teetering on the edge of a breakdown, and unless he does something about it, things are only going to get worse for him.

Georgie’s Best Trait Came From His Father

Georgie’s The Big Bang Theory sacrifice is linked to his father’s strong sense of responsibility. As the eldest Cooper kid revealed when he was reunited with Sheldon on the nerd-centric sitcom, he took over the family after George unexpectedly died because Mary was too grief-stricken to function and Missy was out as a clueless teenager, all while his brother was abroad for his study grant. The same thing is happening on Young Sheldon as Georgie insists on being a part of Mandy’s pregnancy journey despite their complicated situation. Meemaw herself praised him for sticking around and taking responsibility for their current circumstances. Moving forward, Georgie will continue to grow as a mature and responsible man, which will help establish his future successful business venture.

After years of dancing around the subject, Young Sheldon can no longer delay George’s death. This means that despite the happy demeanor he currently has on the family comedy stemming from his revitalized marriage and rehiring as Medford High School, things are going to get worse for him. Before his impending demise, however, his cheating scandal will kick things off – potentially motivated by this long held sense of unhappiness the character has expressed about his life in many regards.

Young Sheldon season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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