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Louie’ Mom Scolds Melissa For ‘Impulsive’ Visit

An exclusive clip from Friday’s episode of Love During Lockup shows Melissa getting scolded by Louie’s mom for her “impulsive” visit to his job.

An exclusive clip from Friday’s episode of Love During Lockup shows Louie’s mom setting Melissa straight after she put her son’s freedom in jeopardy with her “impulsive” visit to his job. Melissa is head over heels for Louie. The two became pen pals after Louie reached out to Melissa on Facebook and complimented her looks. Melissa has had a huge crush on Louie since high school and appears eager to pursue a romance with him now that they’re both adults. Louie’s incarceration means nothing to Melissa. She’s hopeful they’ve live happily ever after upon his prison release.


Melissa wanted to see Louie so badly, she drove hours out of state to Georgia to spy on him while he worked in his work release program. Now in wake of her impromptu visit, Melissa sits down with Louie’s mom to fill her in on the distant encounter. An exclusive WeTV clip from Friday’s episode shows how upset Louie’s mom is over Melissa’s unauthorized visit. Louie’s mom gets the truth out of Melissa after asking why she arrived at her house so late. “Because I actually did get to see Louie,” Melissa reveals. Louie’s mom looks noticeably taken aback. “Excuse me?” she asks. Melissa goes on to dish on her long drive to his work release program where she spied on him from afar.

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Louie’s Mom Says Melissa Put His Freedom in “Jeopardy

Melissa says she only wanted to “drive-by” Louie’s job to see where he worked. But much like Louie, his mom scolds her about putting her son’s freedom in danger. “We don’t put Louie in jeopardy,” his mom quips. “I want him to come home, so don’t do that,” she adds. Melissa explains how she only wanted to get a “peek” at Louie and admits her visit was “impulsive” and not the best decision. Louie appears to be in a good spot ahead of his prison release. He is involved in an off-site work release program that allows him to leave the prison grounds to work.

Louie is also allowed to have a cell phone, which gives Melissa the opportunity to contact him directly throughout the day. However, in May 2022, Georgia law changed and no longer allowed inmates to carry cell phones. Melissa has shared her history with Louie that dates back to high school when Louie was a popular senior, and she was a quiet junior. The two didn’t speak while in high school, but Melissa always had a big crush on the upperclassman. When Louie reached out to her on Facebook, all of Melissa’s old feelings came rushing back. The only issue is, Louie is in prison for armed robbery.

Melissa enjoys being naughty for Louie and taking it all off for him on their FaceTime calls. Melissa gets to enjoy more personal conversations with Louie because of his cell phone privileges. But it’s not the norm for couples on Love During Lockup. Most only get regular phone calls and can only see their spouse during a routine prison visit. Melissa doesn’t take Louie’s privileges for granted. But her unexpected visits could get him trouble.

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